a compact and large capacity external HDD

Image 1: WD_Black P10 5 TB test: an external HDD that is both compact and large capacity

WD_Black P10 5 TB

Western digital

✅ The solid housing
✅ The operating diode
✅ The significant capacity

❌ No USB Type-C adapter
❌ No storage pocket

5 TB
(also exists in 4 TB and 2 TB)

Western Digital positions its external hard drive WD_Black on the market gaming storage products. The classic version – the one tested – rubs shoulders with a version dedicated to the Xbox One: more expensive, this model is similar to the classic version, with the only difference that a 2-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is offered. Of course, nothing technically prohibits using either version on a computer or with a PS4, especially as the hard drive is already formatted in exFAT.

Although a little thicker than those of a lower capacity, the WD_Black P10 5 TB remains compact enough for a 2.5-inch external hard drive. If the upper side is metallic, the rest of the case is in plastic. The whole seems resistant and the design, with a fairly large and clearly visible operating indicator, is quite interesting.

Western Digital has chosen an interface USB Type Micro-B. We would have preferred a Type-C interface, which tends to be generalized. However, this has no impact on the performance of the hard drive. The lack of a Type-A / Type-C adapter is also annoying, and that of a storage pouch is regrettable.


Inside the WD_Black P10 5 TB (WDBA3A0050BBK), there is a WD50NMZW hard drive, a model natively compatible with USB 3.0 (or USB 3.2 Gen1) and equipped with platforms operating at 5400 rpm, with a cache of 128 MB. The manufacturer announces data rates of up to 130 MB / s, without further details. Rather, it is in the middle of the theoretical performance displayed by other recent models of USB external hard drives.

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Sequential rates (AS SSD)

In reading as in writing, the WD_Black 5 TB is placed in the average of the competing models. In absolute terms, the speeds are good and we exceed 110 MB / s in sequential access. We are still a bit far from the 130 MB / s max announced by the manufacturer.

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Copy files (ASSSD)

With large files (ISO), the WD_Black 5 TB displays performances equivalent to those noted with AS SSD in the sequential bit rate tests. With medium-sized files (Games) or many small files (Program), this external hard drive even manages to stay above 70 MB / s where other competing models collapse below 60 MB / s, or even less.

Yannick Guerrini

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