A classic spring side dish that decorates the dining table! Basic recipe for "rape with rape blossoms"
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A classic spring side dish that decorates the dining table! Basic recipe for “rape with rape blossoms”

A classic spring side dish that decorates the dining table! Basic recipe for “rape with rape blossoms”

A classic dish that uses rape blossoms, which has an attractive adult taste, is “spicy sauce”. Whether you’ve created it or haven’t created it yet, why don’t you follow the basics of how to make it in this article? With just a few tips, all you have to do is boil and soften! Enjoy the taste of spring with simple cooking ♪

Updated March 6, 2020

Writer : akiyon

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Spicy and mature taste “rape with rape blossoms” (cooking time: 10 minutes)

Rape of rape blossoms in a large bowl

Photo by akiyon

“Rape blossoms” that reach the season from the cold season to early spring. The colorful and slightly bitter taste is essential for a table awaiting spring.

We would like to introduce the basic method of making the spring staple dish, “Nanabana no Spicy Tome”, which is mainly based on such rape blossoms. Please try the adult taste of spicy hot peppers ♪

Material (for 2-3 people)

Ingredients for spicy rape blossoms

Photo by akiyon

・ Rape …… 1 bunch
・ Water …… 1 tablespoon
・ Japanese-style granules … 1 teaspoon
・ Mixed …… 1 teaspoon
・ Soy sauce … 1 tablespoon

Tips to make delicious

When boiling, start with the hard stem! Let’s boil the buds with a time difference so that the whole has the same texture.

Also, the buds of the rapeseed tend to retain water even if squeezed. If you carefully remove the water with kitchen paper, the seasoning will be entangled and it will be more delicious.

How to make

1. Cut rapeseed into stalks and buds

Rape flowers cut in half

Photo by akiyon

After washing the rapeseed well and cutting off the root part, cut into stalks and buds. At this time, if the rapeseed is long, divide it into three equal parts and make it easy to eat.

2. Mix the seasonings in the bowl

Mixing seasonings in a bowl

Photo by akiyon

In a bowl, mix all the seasonings (water, soy sauce, kneading, granules). The kneading mixture is difficult to dissolve, so mix it well using a whisk.

3. Boil the rapeseed with boiling water

Place the rapeseed stems in boiling water

Photo by akiyon

Boil plenty of hot water (outside the amount) in a pan, add a little salt (outside the amount), and boil the rape blossoms. At this time, boil hard and thick stems first.

Place the rapeseed buds in boiling water

Photo by akiyon

Put the stem part for about 30 seconds and then add the bud part. After that, boil it once and the color becomes vivid, then take it out quickly.

The fire is fast and the whole cooking time is about 1 minute, but please adjust the time depending on the thickness of the stem.

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