A circular guiding off-road racing is available
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A circular guiding off-road racing is available

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has officially issued a circular on guidelines for conditions for practice and competition of terrain sports cars – as the driver calls the off-road racing.

Circular 18/2015 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (CHTTDL) signed by Minister Hoang Anh Tuan clearly stipulates the requirements for training and competing in this new sport.

Accordingly, the Circular stipulates general conditions for the venue, including: The track is made artificially or based on natural terrain must have stakes, ribbons and signs marking the track, the finish line and the space between the audience and the signboard and signaling of obstacles or dangerous areas on the track as well as the organization of competitions on the track on natural terrain must comply with the regulations of law on environmental protection. In addition, requirements on ambulance, rescue, fire … are also mentioned in this Circular.

To participate in the automotive competition terrain sports, the athletes must have all the certificates of competency and competency of the competent health facility as prescribed by the Charter of the tournament, must have a valid driver license of B1 or equivalent or higher. When competing, athletes must wear safety belts, wear gloves, wear helmets up to Vietnamese standards, wear ankle boots, etc.

For competitive sports cars, the requirements for open-top and open-roof cars must have anti-roll frame (protection frame) made of pipes with a diameter of at least 30mm and a thickness of at least 3mm with pipes. steel or 5mm with aluminum pipe welded or caught directly into the chassis or the body floor (body) through at least 6 points … fire extinguisher, first aid kit, first aid kit, tow bar at the front / back of the vehicle (with minimum traction of 3,000kg), winch (with minimum traction of 3628kg), minimum tire 80% of tire height …

In addition, for the organizers of the Circular 18 racing races, organizations and individuals that organize the organization of the terrain sports car tournament must report or ask for permission to organize in writing with the governing body. state management in accordance with the law. As well as report the results of the competition organization to the management agency after the end of the competition.

Circular 18/2015 does not mention ATV – a four-wheel drive vehicle that operates like a motorcycle.

Circular 18/2015 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will take effect from March 1, 2016, the General Department of Sports and Physical Training is the place responsible for guiding and inspecting the implementation of this Circular.

5 years ago, the contest Off-road racing was held in both the South and the North by car forums, but these competitions are different in scale and especially do not follow a general rule. Depending on the experience, the responsibility of the organizers and the participating athletes …, the regulations are made as criteria in these races. Currently, terrain sports racing tournaments have been held in Hanoi, Ha Long, Binh Duong, Lam Dong …

Some pictures of terrain sports races in Vietnam:

Tran Manh Hung, Chairman of Hanoi Terrain Automobile Club: Circular No. 18/2015 of the Ministry of Transport and Tourism is the first recognition for this new sport. This is a great motivation for the joy of those who have the same hobby of racing terrain across the country.


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