Around the name Air conditioner fan: Breakthrough product or just a marketing trick? - Photo 1.

A breakthrough product or just a marketing trick?

Walking around a round of all the Electronics Centers in the city this season, we will always see the most air-conditioned and prominent air cooling devices.

One of the products most likely to be mentioned in every hot season today is probably the "Conditioner Fan", a rather new name, which appeared about 3-4 years ago and is invested. The ad can be said to be extremely thorough, many users after acquiring the adverts of this product consider this as a completely new technology, a kind of "Air Conditioner" without installation, without electricity. , cooled in open space.

So, in fact, what is this outstanding product that is so strongly advertised? Let's dissect.

1. Cooling principle

Air conditioner is actually a name given by advertisers with the aim of attaching the phrase "air conditioner" a phrase associated with traditional air conditioning products (using cold gas and compressors). ), this combination gives users a "cool" feel.

Around the name Air conditioner fan: Breakthrough product or just a marketing trick? - Photo 2.

In fact, the existing air conditioner fan has appeared in Vietnam since about 10 years ago with the name "Steam fan". The so-called steam fan is because it is just a large-capacity fan that blows the cooling pad plates by watering the circulating water to remove heat from the wind, while also bringing the steam to the outside. .

In principle, the steam fan can actually create a slight difference in temperature, but its limit is not mentioned by an electronics supermarket.

2. How people feel hot and cold

When it comes to hot and cold, people think of the temperature factor, but in fact this is not all that makes us feel hot or cold. Because of that, many foreigners who have lived in the cold below 0 degrees still feel normal, but when going to Vietnam to taste the cold 7-8 degrees C, it felt cold.

The above is also the reason why the weather forecast page has an additional temperature index called "Feel Like" a kind of temperature based on human feelings. And this type of "Feel Like" temperature is calculated based on two additional factors: humidity and wind power.

Around the name Air conditioner fan: Breakthrough product or just a marketing trick? - Photo 3.

The wind mainly affects people's senses in the winter due to the high wind speed that speeds up the evaporation (carrying heat) on the surface of the skin, making it feel colder.

But in the hot summer days of over 37 degrees, winds with temperatures higher than body temperature cause evaporation due to ineffective wind speeds, at this time humidity is the deciding factor. If the humidity of the environment is lower than the moisture on the skin surface, evaporation will occur and bring the heat out of the body. But if the humidity in the environment increases, evaporation on the surface of the skin will also be reduced, making the escape of heat become slow and does not create a cool feeling.

Conventional air conditioners not only cool the air but also reduce the humidity in the room, so people feel comfortable, comfortable and of course feel cooler.

3. Limit of steam fan

Return to products that are heavily advertised at commercial centers. Air conditioner uses wind to bring water vapor into the space to cool. If this space is tight, the humidity in the room will increase gradually. The increase in this moisture violates the conditions for people to feel cool above. Therefore, many people after buying air conditioning fans to use, the reflection is not cool.

It is the humidity increase in the room that also causes the loss of heat due to evaporation of the air in the room and the feeling of coolness will no longer exist.

4. Is the air conditioner fan waste?

Although the operation is not effective, but why does the market not only appear air conditioner fans of domestic firms but also air-conditioning fans due to the big electronics companies in the world from Japan and the US? Germany etc .. production. It's not a useless product, but it just doesn't work for Vietnam.

Around the name Air conditioner fan: Breakthrough product or just a marketing trick? - Photo 4.

Looking at the cooling technology of the air-conditioning fan, it cools continuously by providing cold wet wind to neutralize the hot and dry air in the cooling zone. But sadly Vietnam, especially in the northern region, where there is a hot and humid summer with an average humidity of air is usually greater than 70%, so the air conditioner cannot provide more moisture to the room, leading to Cooling effect is no longer available.

In contrast, in countries with desert climates such as the Middle East, regulating fans appear to be superior to conventional air conditioners because the area's extremely low humidity air continuously vaporizes. moisture in the room, so the heat is constantly released. And the air conditioner fan is really a lifesaver.


It is clear that "Air-conditioning fan" is just a marketing strategy that can be thought of by manufacturers or the supermarket of the computer in order to stimulate shopping in the long-lasting heat wave like this year.

And the above evidence also shows that air conditioner fans are only effective when used in 1 air-conditioned room (like the supermarket).

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