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A bit of erect cunt continuously 9 days after a traffic accident

The bruise near the genitals after a traffic accident caused the "little boy" of a man to constantly erect for many days. Everything is resolved when the person arrives at the hospital in a timely manner. The strange story just mentioned happened in England and was published in an article published in the medical journal Urology Case Reports in Urology.

The specific case was that after a motorbike accident, the 35-year-old man 9 days later came to the hospital. At first, he only felt a slight pain in the pelvic part, however, soon after, he caught fire when he discovered his "little boy" erection for 4 hours. In the process, he said that he was not in pain at all, only slightly uncomfortable when walking.

Arriving in the emergency room, his little boy was evaluated by doctors as an Level IV erection on an erection scale – a tool commonly used to assess erectile dysfunction. It is known that 95% of cases of prolonged erection involve a phenomenon called priapism, when blood vessels connected to the penis are clogged for some reason, causing blood to leave the penis like normal. The specific name of this phenomenon is low flow priapism.

To date, there is no convincing explanation for low-flow priapism but neurological problems as well as erectile dysfunction drugs are considered one of the common causes. For the case of the aforementioned man, he suffers from the so-called high flow priapism, which means that blood will constantly flow into the penis. This phenomenon usually occurs when blood vessels around the genital area are injured by a physical agent.

In medicine, low-flow priapism is an emergency condition because congestion can kill cells and permanently damage the penis if not treated promptly.

In contrast, high flow priapism is less dangerous and is usually painless. Statistics show that about 60% of cases can be cured without any further treatment. Due to being taken to the clinic, the doctors decided to resolve the situation using a special gel to prevent blood in a single circuit. The condition then improved, but it took more time for the penis to fully recover. One year later, this person was reported to still have normal sexual activity, indicating that the penis had recovered.

The treatment of doctors in this guy's situation is considered to be the right decision because if hesitating, high flow priapism will lead to more complicated and intractable problems, such as erectile dysfunction .


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