A beautiful sea convoy of Hanoi drivers came to Vinh Phuc to ask

On 3-1, people in Phuc Yen city (Vinh Phuc) have the opportunity to admire the luxurious cars with billions of “collections” of unique and strange number plates.

Reportedly, this convoy of strawberry-picking procession of a rich man living in Hanoi welcomed the bride. Perhaps this is the first time people here have seen some rare models like Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes-Benz S650 Maybach, Lexus LX570 Super Sport, …

Leading the motorcade is a Bentley Mulsanne with a black-silver exterior. This is a model that attracts many Vietnamese giants to buy a garage thanks to the price of just over VND 20 billion accompanied with a series of luxurious and high-class details from the British car company.



In addition to the bride-groom carriage, there was another similar Bentley Mulsanne, but the exterior has a glossy black paint that completely bears the white sea of ​​Hanoi.


Followed by the Lexus LX570 Super Sport 2019 worth nearly 9 billion with the “forever lucky” number plate.



Especially, there is the appearance of Maserati Granturismo with mysterious black style. And the genuine selling price of this sports car is up to 12.5 billion dong when returning to Vietnam.


Besides, it is impossible not to mention the Mercedes-Maybach S650 sedan. Capital is famous for the luxury for the owners, this model is very popular with Vietnamese businessmen at the price of 14.89 billion.



The highlight that attracts the attention of the Hanoi bus-catching fleet is not the flower car, but the BMW X7 2019 version of xDrive40i priced at only 7 billion but the luxury and technology are not inferior to rivals LX570 . The license plate of the car is also equally good: 68.69


“Point” of the hit cars to pick up the bride in Vinh Phuc can see the “terrible” status of this giant like Toyota Alphard worth more than 4 billion; Lexus LX570 cost 8.1 billion; “Dinosaur” Cadillac Escalade more than 9 billion; Toyota Land Cruiser imported to Europe about 4 billion.




There are also the presence of many other luxury cars including Lexus RX350h, Audi Q7, …



Photo: H. Dat


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