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A 15-year-old "homemade" AirPods at home for only $ 4

Recently, a 15-year-old boy made his own AirPods using a pair of old headphones and glue guns.

AirPods is one of Apple's most popular and popular wireless headphones at the moment. However, due to the high price, this wireless headset is difficult to reach the majority of popular users and Sam Cashbook – a user on Reddit (15 years old) is one of them.

Therefore, this 15-year-old student made a bold decision to create his own AirPods using a pair of old headphones and glue guns. Specifically, in a message in Reddit, Sam Cashbook said:

“I started this project two months ago, after my friend was given a pair of AirPods for his birthday. I thought to myself: this product is expensive, I can do it at home for a lot cheaper.

It is known that Cashook started watching videos of self-made AirPods, but mostly saw people cut the strings out of Earbud as a joke. So he decided to implement his own method.

The Cashbook Sam bought an old bone conduction headset on eBay and separated the shell, revealing the entire component inside. After cutting the wires connected to the old pair of earphones, he sold them to the wires of a pair of EarPods and turned them into … AirPods!

Sforum - Latest technology information page Airpods-1-1 A 15-year-old student

"I changed the batteries bigger and used glue guns to put them together (this is definitely not the best way)", Cashook describes how to do it. The homemade headphones have a slightly ugly appearance but it works quite well. It even has a power key, volume up and down, pause music playback and a rechargeable battery.

“This project is really interesting and only costs me about 4 USD, and helps me improve welding skills for smaller components”, Cashook said. "I encourage people to do amazing things like this!"

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