Research: A 15-minute meditation session works equally well with a mental health vacation - Photo 1.

A 15-minute meditation session works equally well with a mental health vacation

According to a recent study published in Positive Psychology Journal of Psychology, sitting meditation and vacation seems to have the same effect on one's mental health.

Research author Christopher May, an assistant professor at the University of Groningen, said: "This is part of a wider study that I and my colleagues have done. The study requires volunteers to meditate daily for eight weeks, others will go on vacation during the study period. Then we systematically monitor people who have stopped meditating and returning to their daily work or study so that we can examine the relative effects of the holiday and the work. meditate on variables like mindfulness, positive and negative emotions ".

The team then examined the data provided by 40 undergraduate students. These are people who listen to audio files and meditate for 15 minutes a day in two stages, each of which lasts for 2 weeks. In the 8-week study, all volunteers had to complete a daily survey in the evening to assess their health, emotions and mindfulness throughout the day.

On the days when participants meditated, researchers found higher positive emotional states and negative emotional levels, such as cranky, significantly reduced. In particular, they pay more attention to sounds such as clock sounds, birds singing or cars passing by.

It is worth mentioning that the research team also found similar characteristics in those who spent the whole time studying for vacation.

Research: A 15-minute meditation session works equally well with a healthy vacation - Photo 2.

Share with PsyPost, May said: "We realize that just 15 minutes of meditation can bring positive effects like a summer holiday, based on aspects of mindfulness. Both meditators and vacationers insist. has improved their ability to perceive the environment and balance their emotions.The vacation has a lot to do with health and positive emotions, and it also dispels negative emotions. Meditation of course also brings similar benefits. "

At the end of the study, scientists recommend that people meditate if they have a limited time. But if you have more time, reward yourself with a vacation to recharge your energy.

Note that this study only applies to people who intend to meditate for a short time.

In the future, the team will conduct further tests, including those who meditate daily and take a vacation. Even the concept of "holiday" needs to be more clearly distinguished, whether it is a long vacation and a new land or home and spending time on projects and hobbies.

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