A 12-year-old woman was hit and killed in a car accident across the road-united daily

A fatal car accident occurred in New Taipei City. At 10 am on the 19th, the man named Zhang took his wife and children to a family of four. He drove from Danshui to Luzhou to see his dad. Zhang Nan parked his car on the ring road, and the family got off at the Central Separation Island to cross the road The tragedy happened just across the street.
At this time, a Tesla electric vehicle driven by a 34-year-old driver named Liang went straight on Huanti Avenue in New Taipei City towards Luzhou. Suspected of driving too fast, he ran into a private car driven by a 42-year-old driver from the Yongle Street Exit The impact force was very violent. The electric car first bounced towards the central island, and hit the girl at the rear before bouncing back into the lane.
The girl was severely hit by a severed lower limb, her feet separated from her body, and she was pronounced dead for half an hour after being taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Police later took the two drivers back to the police area for investigation. The exact cause of the accident is still to be investigated and clarified.

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