999 USD can buy an Apple screen in 2011, but now that amount is just enough for me the stand - Photo 1.

999 USD can buy an Apple screen in 2011, but that amount is only enough for me now

An event focused on software, however, at WWDC 2019, Apple recently unveiled two new products specifically for professional users: Mac Pro computers and Pro Display XDR screens. If the Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac Apple has ever produced, Pro Display XDR marks its return in the display segment after a long period of neglect.

Talking about Pro Display XDR, this is an impressive screen with 6K resolution, 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio and maximum brightness of 1600 nits. Considering the quality of display and the value that it will bring to professional users, the $ 4999 price that Apple gives Pro Display XDR is not "crazy".

However, what is most concerned about Pro Display XDR is not the screen, but its base. Specifically, Pro's $ 4999 price of Display XDR does not include a stand, and users will have to spend an additional $ 999 to buy the "Pro Stand" stand.

Pro Stand stand for 999 USD is a topic that has been widely discussed in recent days

First of all, you need to confirm that the Pro Stand is a beautiful, sturdy stand, while still allowing users to easily turn and adjust the screen angle in a pleasant way.

But, no matter how good it is, there is no reason for a screen stand to cost up to 999 USD. Remember, 999 USD is the same price as an iPhone XS, and in terms of pure technological progress, it's clear that the technology inside a phone is much more complex (both in terms of research and how it works) compared to a monitor stand.

Or just come back a few years ago, if you remember, Apple himself sold a very quality screen called Thunderbolt Display in 2011. And the price of this monitor is? 999 USD. Or to put it another way, along with the amount of 999 USD, if a few years ago you could buy a screen from Apple, now it is just enough of a stand.

999 USD can buy an Apple screen in 2011, but now that amount is only enough for me the stand - Photo 2.

Apple Thunderbolt Display screen costs 999 USD

After all, no one but Apple can know why a stand can carry a price of $ 999. Is it true that Apple knows that Pro is very subject and relies heavily on Apple products for its work, so Apple has the right to "cut and slash" unbelievably high prices but still not worry. ?

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