90% of GenZ generations in America want to buy an iPhone

90% of GenZ generations in America want to buy an iPhone

(Techz.vn) Information from a recent survey shows that GenZ generation in the US prefer to use iPhone more than any other smartphone company.

A new Piper Sandler survey of more than 7,000 teenagers in the US shows that iPhone coverage is quite large. Accordingly 88% of GenZ people in the US own an iPhone. Besides, 90% of GenZ said they wanted their next phone to be the iPhone.

GenZ is the generation of young people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This is considered the generation born in the booming era of smartphones and digital technology.

Piper Sandler’s survey results show the popularity of Apple products among teenagers – a group of users with the ability to change and adapt to technology quickly.

The report also shows that GenZ uses Apple Pay to pay the second most after using cash. Products that GenZ regularly spends include Netflix, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Amazon.

Apple products are often very popular with young people. The report released in 2021 is in fact not much different from before. For example, a report in 2019 found that the number of teenagers in the US with an iPhone had risen to 83%.

The Cult Of Mac commented: The need to show wealth is an important reason why GenZ in the US likes the iPhone. This generation did not buy expensive watches or cars to show their wealth to others. Meanwhile, the Apple phones are the most expensive on the market but are within reachable range so it will be easier to buy.


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