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9-year-old prodigy is about to graduate from university

Laurent Simons. Photo: CNN

Described by teachers as "extraordinary", the Belgian prodigy will receive his bachelor's degree in December. After that, he planned to continue his doctoral program in electrical engineering, while studying for a medical degree.

In an interview with CNN, the parents of Lydia and Alexander Simons thought his grandparents exaggerated when he said Laurent had natural talent, but his teachers soon confirmed it as well. "They noticed something very special in Laurent," Ms. Lydia said.

The teachers have given him many tests to assess talent. As a result, he made it through.

Despite coming from a family with a tradition of being a doctor, Laurent's parents have yet to receive an answer as to why his prodigal son is so capable of learning so fast. However, Ms. Lydia came up with her own theory. "I ate a lot of fish during my pregnancy," she said with a smile.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) has allowed Laurent to complete the curriculum faster than other students. "This is nothing out of the ordinary," said Sjoerd Hulshor, education director of bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. For special students, we have good reasons to adjust our schedules. "The same way we create conditions for children to have athletic achievements."

“Laurent is the most agile student we have ever had. He is not only super intelligent but also very sympathetic, ”Mr. Sjoerd commented.

Reputable universities around the world have their eyes on Laurent Simons. However, his family has not disclosed the school in which he will be studying for his doctorate. While this 9-year-old boy could clearly absorb knowledge faster than most people, Lydia didn't want him to feel complacent. They also expect their son to find a balance between being a child and being a prodigy.

Sharing with CNN, Laurent said he likes to play with his family's dog Sammy and play with the phone, just like other children. However, the boy soon asserted that his life's goal was to develop artificial organs.

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