9 wrist and hand exercises to help you relieve fatigue

9 wrist and hand exercises to help you relieve fatigue

Wrist and hand exercises can help you relax gently and ease the feeling of tiredness between stressful hours. It only takes a few minutes of training to strengthen your hands and prevent injuries.

Wrist and hand exercises help you increase flexibility and reduce the risk of wrist injuries when playing sports or daily activities. This is also a great help to prevent or relieve minor wrist pain. So, what are some of the exercises you can apply to keep your hands healthy and supple?

1. Prayer exercises

Prayer exercises

Prayer exercises do not require too many complex movements but can help you stretch the muscles in the hands and wrists quite effectively.

The steps for performing this wrist and hand exercise are as follows:

– You stand upright, palms pressed together as if praying.

– Hold your hands in front of you and press your arms together so that the elbows touch. At this point, your hands close together from your fingers to the elbows.

– Hold your palms together and slowly open your elbows, lowering your palms to waist level. You can lower your hand to your navel or until you feel your wrist is tight enough.

– Hold the pose for 10 – 30 seconds, then repeat the steps.

2. Stretching exercises

Arm stretching exercises

You can apply an arm stretching exercise anytime to improve the flexibility of a gentle wrist.

The steps for performing this wrist and hand exercise are as follows:

– Put an arm in front of you so that your arms are at shoulder level.

– Move your palms to the ground.

– Bend your wrists so that your fingers are facing the ground.

– Use your other hand to gently grasp the fingers facing the ground and draw your fingers towards the body.

– Hold for 10 – 30 seconds.

After training with your palm facing down, you can practice in the opposite direction as follows:

– Bring an arm to your face, palms facing the ceiling.

– Using your other hand, gently drag your fingers to the floor.

– Continue gently dragging fingers towards the body.

– Hold for 10 – 30 seconds.

Repeat the two directions of stretching with the other arm. You should practice 2-3 times with each hand.

3. Fist exercise

Fist exercise

The fist exercise is quite simple, so you can apply it right at your desk whenever your wrist hurts a lot.

The steps for doing this exercise are as follows:

– Sit upright, put your hands on your thighs with palms open and facing up.

– Hold your hand slowly into a fist, but not too tightly.

– Hold the forearm against the thigh and then bend the wrist to lift the fist towards the body.

– Hold for 10 seconds.

– Lower your fist to your thigh and slowly open your fingers.

– Repeat 10 times.

4. Exercises with the table

Table lifting exercises

This is a wrist and hand exercise that helps you build strength in the muscles from the wrists to the elbows. You can take advantage of a desk to perform table lifting exercises by following these steps:

– Sit upright with your palms under the table and facing up.

– Pressing palms against the table.

– Hold for 5 – 10 seconds.

5. Exercise squeeze tennis ball

Exercise squeeze tennis ball

If you have a tennis ball or stress ball, you can try this exercise. This is a simple exercise to help strengthen your wrist. You only need to squeeze a tennis ball or health ball for 5-10 seconds to complete the exercise.

6. Thumb exercises

Thumb exercises

You can try a thumb exercise to strengthen your hands and prevent injuries. How to perform this wrist exercise is as follows:

Pushing exercises

– Clench your hand so that your thumb points to the sky.

– Use thumb and hand muscles to hold thumb in position.

– Use your other hand to gently pull your thumb back.

– Keep the same and repeat the movements.

Pulling exercises

– Clench your hand so that your thumb points to the sky.

– Use the thumb and hand muscles to hold the thumb in place.

– Use your other hand to gently push your thumb forward.

– Keep the same and repeat the movements.

7. Exercise figure eight

Exercise figure eight

The wrist movements in this exercise will help you reduce fatigue and enhance hand strength.

The steps for performing a figure eight exercise are:

– Knit your fingers together in front of you.

– Hold the elbows on either side and move your hands in a figure eight.

– Keep your hands intertwined and then rotate your wrist.

– Practice for 10 – 15 seconds.

– Take a break and repeat the movements.

8. Stretching exercises

Exercises with hands

Stretching exercises help you to stretch the muscles of your forearms and hands. This is also an exercise to increase flexibility and enhance blood circulation.

The steps you can follow are:

– Sit upright, lift your hands over your head, and knit your fingers together.

– Hold your fingers together and turn your palms toward the ceiling. You can keep your arms slightly bent or straightened as you like.

– Keep your hand tight.

– Lower your hand and repeat the steps.

9. Eagle pose

Eagle posture

Eagle pose in yoga incorporates a very effective wrist exercise. You can do the following exercises in the eagle pose:

– Extend arms forward, parallel to the floor.

– Cross right hand over left hand so that right hand is on.

– Elbows bent. The back of the hands pressed together.

– Move the right arm to the right and the left arm to the left stars the thumb of the right hand against the little finger of the left hand. At this point, your palms face each other.

– Press palms together, lift elbows and stretch fingers. Fingers pointing toward the ceiling.

– You try not to lift your shoulders when lifting your hands.

– Hold for 15-30 seconds.

– Switch sides and similar episodes.

The wrist and hand exercises, though quite gentle, are not suitable for those who have severe inflammation or joint damage. Exercise can worsen wrist or hand conditions, so consult your doctor before exercising.

Wrist and hand exercises can make you more comfortable after spending some time in front of a computer screen and typing. With these exercises, you can not only improve your strength but also reduce the risk of injury in this area.


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