9 ways to make the most of your terrace space
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9 ways to make the most of your terrace space

1. Lighten things up

A narrow back yard can sometimes be a little dark. To make it brighter, paint the surfaces with light colors and always use the green and white palette. You should also consider choosing a light colored floor tile, as it will retreat backwards and allow the furniture and plants to stand out. Tidying up the furniture can also help keep the space feeling bright. In this courtyard by Karen Rogers of KR Garden Design, the floating bench attached to the wall allows you to see the space below, making this area look as spacious as possible.

2. Make everything cozy

A backyard with seats and shade will make you want to spend more time outdoors. Take advantage of this by incorporating a cozy seating area, and adding warmth to the fire pit. In this terrace by Bestall & Co. Landscape Design, a seating area surrounded by evergreen trees, makes the space more discreet and warm all year round.

3. Design around the outside of the house (perimeter)

Free up the central area of ​​the small courtyard for a sense of airiness by building up the seats around the perimeter. Integrated benches can also double up for valuable storage space to maximize space. Consider buying small shelves for potting plants, as they will allow you to plant a variety of plants, especially floor shelves, to add height and create a sense of freshness.

4. Vibrant canopy of trees

If you want to plant a tree in a small area, try some samples of a wide canopy, which looks like umbrellas. The branches will knit together to form a canopy, creating a sense of privacy for a picnic. In this yard, four plum trees were planted to form a square. The canopies form a porch directly on the table, covering the dining area and creating a sense of intimacy.

5. Look up at the sky

Maximize space in the yard by designing an elevated area where plants can grow. In this courtyard of Clare Heffernan Architecture & Design, the open space above is like a large sky well. A grid mounted on the ceiling allows the vines a place to wrap around. One or two lanterns are hung alternately in the canopy to create a space like a room in the garden.

6. Planting vertically

If you want to be surrounded by trees in a small outdoor space, plant them on a wall or fence. You can do this by hanging pots, planting plants on a net, or creating a living wall. In this compact courtyard of The Garden Builders, wall plants free up floor space for dining and relaxation, while providing the benefits of a garden.

7. Leave the room to play

Even if it is only a compact area, a terrace can incorporate areas where children can play. In this garden, Laara Copley-Smith Garden & Landscape Design incorporated a sand pit into the cedar wooden floor; It can be covered when the child is not playing. Use a soft underfoot material, like flooring in this photo, and combine it with cobblestones and sculpting plants to bring energy and life to the space.

8. Play loud

Trees with large leaves in a narrow area appear to be counterproductive, as it is easy to see that larger foliage will make an area feel smaller. However, the opposite may be true. Large trees can add height and form, while providing a sense of seclusion to a courtyard. Combine different jungle style plants and pair them with dark walls for even more drama.

9. Create curves

When designing a pitch, you don’t have to feel limited by rigid lines. This design was also created by Karen Rogers at KR Garden Design, with curved tiled floors and walls, surrounding a table and chair. This highlight makes everyone feel the pitch is very inviting. Add round trees, such as boxwood (Buxus spp.) Trimmed to a globe and “Annabelle” hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle), to bond the circular elements.

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