9 safe ways to remove hair that certain women cannot ignore!

9 safe ways to remove hair that certain women cannot ignore!

Permanent hair removal is the need of many women. Today, there are many different methods of hair removal. But where is the most effective hair removal method? What are the plus and minus points of each method and which method should it apply to? Find out with WeFit now!

1. How to effectively remove hair immediately

1.1 Use tweezers to remove hair

Hair removal with tweezers is a familiar method for many girls and is applied to remove armpits or bikini areas. The advantage of this hair removal method is that it will take a long time to regrow (3 – 8 weeks).

However, this method has many disadvantages. The first drawback is that this method of hair removal can be very painful and hurt pores. After extraction, the skin will be rough and leave dark, unsightly aesthetic.

Abuse of this method can cause folliculitis and is difficult to treat later.

1.2 Use a razor to remove hair

This is a waxing procedure that can be applied to all areas of the body. This method is not too expensive, painless, fast and quite convenient.

When shaving, girls need to note a few things to get the most out of hair removal:

  • First, the way she should bathe in 15 minutes with hot water before shaving. When taking a hot bath, steam helps to enlarge pores, which helps the blades glide over the skin more smoothly.
  • Shaving your legs in the evening will help keep your feet smoother. During sleep, your legs will become slightly enlarged, so that the root of hair will shrink into the hair follicles, the skin will be smoother and not rough. Do not forget to use shaving foam, the foam will help smooth shaving lines on the skin and cause no scratches.
  • Finally, after about 5 to 10 shaves, if you find the blade is dull, you should quickly replace the new blade to ensure hygiene.

Using a razor is a painless, fairly fast and convenient way to remove hair

However, shaving has a lot of major drawbacks, including the hair will grow black and hard, and the shaving method needs to be done continuously every 1 to 3 days. Shaving can cause dark skin if you do not regularly perform exfoliating steps.

1.3 Use hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is the best alternative for tweezers and razors. The use of waxing cream reduces burning pain, does not hurt, regrowth is not hard. This method is quite cheap, fast and easy to implement. However, you should only use the cream in certain areas of the body, so consider if the skin is sensitive, use on the bikini area …


Using cream is a hair removal method used by many women instead of tweezers and razors

When waxing with cream, girls need to have some notes:

  • You should try the cream on a small area of ​​skin for 24 hours before using it to check for allergies.
  • Do not leave the cream on your skin for longer than the manufacturer's specified time.
  • After waxing, you need to take special care of that area with natural oils like coconut oil or grape seed oil to limit the redness or rough skin.
  • The downside is that this method can cause allergic skin if your skin is too sensitive. You may burn yourself if you use a bleaching cream that is not suitable for your skin type.
  • Some creams are slow acting and you have to use them many times in one eraser to get the best results.
  • Hair removal cream overcomes the disadvantages of using tweezers and shaving

1.4 Wax Method

Like shaving, wax is a method that girls can use on all skin areas. After waxing, the hair grows back much thinner and softer.

There are two methods of waxing: hot wax and cold wax. For the hot wax method, you will use a layer of warm gel, then use a cloth to place on the skin, when the gel cools, you quickly pull the cloth out in the opposite direction to the hair growth.


Wax is an effective hair removal method for many different skin areas

The method of cold wax is similar. The difference is that you will use a wax already available gel, warm up by using a dryer, then paste on the area to remove hair and pulling back hair growth.


Wax has two methods: hot wax and cold wax

The biggest drawback of wax is that it is very painful, you will have to repeat the operation a lot of times to be able to remove the hair. The consequences left in the first few trials may be bleeding pores, folliculitis. In addition, this method must be done every 3 to 6 weeks.

1.5 Use hair removal machine

In the last few years, the hair removal machine is not too strange for women. This type of machine is extremely easy to use, users only need to take the machine to the area you want to remove, it will root. Some products can handle hairs as small as 0.5 mm. After about 4 weeks, the new hair begins to grow back and is much less sparse.


Hair removal machines are increasingly used more commonly

Before waxing with a handheld device, users should note the following:

  • Contraindicated with Eczema, psoriasis, lesions or open wounds, infections, scars, abrasions or skin burns, sunburns, redness or blistering.
  • Do not use the device near humid environments, such as bathtubs, washbasins, etc., which may cause electric shock.Limit sun exposure after hair removal.
  • Use sunscreen products with high SPF when going out between hair removal.
  • Cool when feeling hot after hair removal with cool aloe vera gel, cold towel.
  • Stop sunbathing and use artificial tanning products.
  • Do not wax or pluck between hair removal times.
  • Do not take hot baths, hot tubs, saunas or swimming pools with high levels of chlorine for 12-24 hours after waxing.
  • Avoid using underarm deodorant after hair removal.
  • Avoid strenuous activity after hair removal for 12 – 24 hours.
  • The machine has a few points minus the price is quite high, users will be quite hurt when used in the first time.

However, when using this hair removal method, you need to pay attention

1.6 Laser method

Laser hair removal is the most modern and effective method today and many women choose to beautify.

The laser hair removal method has the advantage of not causing pain or stinging when performed, effectively after quick manipulation. The skin after laser action will not be dark or rough, on the contrary, it becomes brighter and smoother.


Using laser to remove hair is one of the most modern methods today

Before you decide to deal with laser micro-hairs, you need to discontinue antibiotics 2 weeks in advance, antibiotics can make the skin more sensitive to laser light.

Like other methods, after laser hair removal, the skin will be more sensitive, you should note that sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or more for the skin to protect under the influence of the sun. God.


Laser hair removal requires a great deal of money

Depending on the technology used, permanent hair removal may only last for a few years. The cost for a course is also quite high with the general income of the majority.

Laser is the most modern and effective method for hair removal

2. How to remove hair with natural materials

2.1 Hair removal with a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and honey

Hair removal using a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and honey is a completely natural method.


  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Pure honey
  • One tablespoon sugar
  • Bowls and spoons

The method is completely natural

Steps to follow:

  • Clean the hair area thoroughly with warm water to remove dirt and expand pores.
  • Use your hands to apply the mixture to the hairs to be removed.
  • Gently massage the applied skin to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles, to remove hair most effectively.
  • Save the mixture for about 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.
  • Rinse with cold water one last time to tighten pores.

When you apply, depending on the area of ​​hair removal, adjust the material accordingly.

2.2 Hair removal with betel leaf

Betel leaf is also one of the natural materials used by many women for hair removal. Let's find out the steps of this method!


  • A handful of betel leaves (20-30 leaves)
  • A liter of filtered water
  • Pot, small bowl and makeup remover

Steps to follow:

  • Betel leaves do not buy, wash. Turn on the stove, heat until the water boils, turn down the volume. Continue cooking for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat to soak the essential oil. Wait for the water to cool down, use it gradually.
  • Clean the skin to be waxed with warm water so that the pores can relax and make the most ventilation.
  • Take a cotton ball moisturizing with betel leaf and apply evenly to the skin to be removed. Use your hands to gently massage for 5-10 minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the cells.
  • Then apply the second layer and then the third layer on the skin and leave for another 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse with clean water.

For the most effective hair removal method, you should apply this method 2-3 times / week. After about two weeks you should notice the effect!

2.3 Hair removal with tomato

Tomatoes are a healthy and healthy natural ingredient. In addition to providing many nutrients to the body, tomatoes also have the ability to effectively remove hair.

To do this method, you only need a few ripe tomatoes, fresh.

Steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Take tomatoes to wash, cut thinly
  • Step 2: Clean the skin of the feet. Then use tomato slices rub gently on the skin area to remove hair. After about 1 month of application, 3 times per week, you will see the condition of hair is significantly reduced, the skin also becomes naturally smooth.

Tomatoes are a natural ingredient for effective hair removal

3. Precautions to know before laser hair removal

3.1 You may have pain when waxing

When laser hair removal, your skin may be red, itchy for several days after treatment. Those who are not used to pain will feel a little sting when they start firing laser on the skin. Especially if you have thin and sensitive skin, it will be much more uncomfortable.


Laser hair removal can be painful

3.2 It is not necessary to cancel once

It takes two or three weeks after your first hair removal to see the difference and 8 -12 sessions to see the full effect, depending on your age and location.


Laser hair removal needs many times to be effective

3.3 Hair should be shaved before waxing

Lasers can react with hairs on the skin surface. This will cause some irritation or possibly burn your hair. Therefore, before treatment, shaving is the required spa step.


You should shave before eliminating hair with laser

3.4 The hair removal process is quick

A treatment session takes place very quickly, depending on the area you want to work:

  • Facial area (Face, chin, beard, forehead): 5-10 minutes
  • Small body area (Armpit, bikini): 10-15 minutes
  • Large body area (Back, hands, feet): 20-30 minutes

Laser hair removal takes several times to be effective.

3.5 You should not exercise after hair removal

Within 24 hours after treatment, heat from the laser remains on your skin. Therefore, activities that cause your pores to expand, such as exercise, sauna, etc., should not take place during this time. Otherwise, this will be an extremely favorable environment for bacteria to invade, causing inflammation of the pores.


Do not practice after hair removal

3.6 Sunscreen is an alienator after hair removal

When going to a beauty salon, the doctor can advise you on what you should and should not do before and after your treatment. One of them is that you will need to avoid sunbathing or sun exposure during this time.


Sunscreens are "inseparable" objects after waxing

In addition, if you tan, you may have to wait until the skin recovers to use the service. So, to preserve your skin, never forget to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going out.

3.7 You will have to change your diet and skin care products

You should avoid chemical exfoliants with products containing glycolic acid and retinol 2 days before and after treatment.

Besides, please add mineral sprays and moisturizers to the skin. Once you've opted for laser hair removal, you should avoid using other methods like wax and epilation.

3.8 It is not possible to remove 100% of the hair

Hair can still continue to grow due to the action of hormones in the body. However, because these hairs have been controlled by the light, and the hair germ of the hair has been destroyed, so even if the hairs still exist, they will be pale, stunted and smooth than before. much.


It is very difficult to remove 100% of the hair

Therefore, when eliminating hair permanently by the method, usually: 80-90% of hard, black hair will disappear, 10-20% of soft, smooth, pale hair will still exist.

3.9 People should not remove their hair

Although it is a modern and effective method, not everyone can use it. If you are in one of the following cases, do not use laser to remove hair!

  • Pregnant women
  • Skin sensitive to light, sunburn, open wounds
  • The skin is treated with malignant pathologies (tumors, tumors, sores, infections …).
  • People who are using heart, kidney, burn or trauma devices
  • People treated with Hirudine (should stop treatment before 2 weeks)
  • People with diabetes, blood pressure, epilepsy.


The above are effective methods of hair removal including natural methods. Hopefully the article has provided readers with the most useful information. Wish readers will find yourself an effective and safe hair removal.

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