9 reasons why motorcycles are "sexier" than women make you nod
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9 reasons why motorcycles are “sexier” than women make you nod

Perhaps the competition for power and the interest of men between women and cars has long been an endless war. However, it seems that victory always belongs to the cars for many different reasons. Below, I list 9 reasons why cars are always more attractive and “easier” than women and make men “fascinated”.

1. When the car breaks down, you always realize what the problem is, your girlfriend is “up”

With cars, every time they have a problem or problem, if you are a true biker, you will immediately know where the problem is and what it is failing to handle. But for women, whenever they have a problem, only God knows where it is and how to handle it.

2. The car does not “angry” when you leave it for 1 day

Imagine, you leave your girl alone, not saying that for a whole day, what would you get back? Of course the anger, the “hatred” came from her and it would take a whole day, sometimes a full week later to make peace, flattering. However, with the “girls” carrying the engine block are not. If you leave “her” for one or even days, then just ride on the car will serve us immediately without a complaint.

3. You can completely retain all memories of your old car

All the girls who pass by our “life” are sure, no man can ever completely forget someone. However, keeping the image or gift of “old” girls is “risky” when you are with new people. What if the person finds good photos or is simply something related to an “ex-girlfriend”? I really did not dare to imagine that scene!

But with cars, you absolutely can retain images, objects or something that belongs to that old car and even, those things can even be loaded onto your new car without receiving it. any complaints or objections. It even makes the new car more meaningful and beautiful.

4. The cars don’t care what you wear each time you go out

Riding on cars, you are spoiled for yourself to wear whatever you want to wear. Always in the mood and most relaxed state, this is the time to be yourself most. As for the girls, how you appear next to the woman in the outings is a tough problem.

5. You absolutely can let your friends try the car

This is one of those things that is quite interesting and often gives the biker a gloating feeling. When you own a car “delicious”, strong and shiny, the “brother” test car is a way to prove it. After being tried, you will surely receive compliments or simply a short sentence “good car” is already feeling quite happy. As for the girlfriend? Probably doesn’t need to explain much.

6. Motorbikes without parents

Have you ever had to worry about thinking about your girlfriend’s “parents”? Surely everyone has experienced the look of the “auntie”, “destroy” attitude of “uncle” when his girlfriend took him to meet his parents. That feeling is one of the scary things that every man has at least once experienced youth and certainly can not forget and get used to it.

The cars are not so, you do not have to think of “someone” when being with the car that can do anything you like. You can stay with the car for as long as you need to without worrying about time to go home.

7. Cars don’t care when you “look” at other cars

“Standing mountain after mountain” is a very normal story in the world of Biker, seeing other cars “more delicious” and more beautiful than their cars, no one is not nearly carelessly admired and wished at all. For men, it is the same for men, but showing it is a completely different story.

8. Motorcycles always emit a stimulating sound, women do not always

As a man, there must be no one who is not fascinated by the powerful engine emanating from powerful machines. The breathing of motorbikes always makes men excited and emotionally strong. But what about the voice of women?

9. When you get bored of your car, you can always sell it

The cars can not forever please a owner of it, especially with men who like to explore and experience. Therefore, after getting acquainted and mastering the car, they will be bored because there is nothing to explore anymore. At this point, you can completely sell the car and buy yourself a newer, more powerful and “delicious” car. But whether you can do such simple things with women when “bored” or not. The answer is “No”, everything is so much more confusing!


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