Review movie The divine power - The Darkest Minds

8 Review movie The divine power – The Darkest Minds

Time: 105 minutes

Directors: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Cast: Bradley Whitford, Mandy Moore, Amandla Stenberg

The Darkest Minds – The Darkest Minds is a film based on the novel of the same name by author Alexandra Bracken. The movie is considered a combination of the movie Decoding Enchanted and X-Men, but Gank review found that the film has its own extremely interesting and attractive features. Let’s get into the review review Tri superhuman power!

Plot: Superpower bringing viewers to the United States at the time of a strange disease that caused 90% of children to die without reason, and the surviving children possessed special powers. They are classified into 5 categories corresponding to 5 colors: Green (intelligence), Yellow (electric current control), Blue (physical control), Red (Fire) and Orange (mind control) and locked by the government in a concentration camp. On one occasion, Ruby (16 years old) was rescued by an agent of the Children’s Union and on the way to escape, she made friends with Liam, Chubs and Zu – also the children who survived the prison break. . These 4 boys set out to find a safe land for children built by a boy named Nhupon. The journey to get here is not easy because they have to be chased by the army, the bounty hunters, the Children’s Union and many hidden conspiracy behind it.

Actually, the movie content is quite attractive when introducing a class of special abilities of each group of super-capable children as well as bringing viewers from one episode to another in a logical, necessary and reasonable manner. . Review review has not read the story so it is not comparable, but the feeling of a person who simply goes to enjoy the movie can only conclude the movie with a word that is good.

The film gives viewers the beginning stories for the sequels with extremely good foundation. We have enough time to understand and love the main characters, to grasp the factions involved in the story and to look forward to how the story will progress in the following episodes. Despite the somewhat lengthy segments, reviewers think that it is necessary to highlight the relevant issues.

The beauty of the film is to borrow the very differences in children’s ability to talk about racism, the ability of children to exist not only in the United States but also in many parts of the world. In addition, the film emphasizes the importance of children to this world and makes us should cherish, care more for our families and relatives next to us. The friendship in the movie is also very clearly portrayed, giving viewers the feeling of excitement with the four main characters of the film.

Despite being a Hollywood movie, the review still feels a lot of Asian features in the movie, especially the segments about love, Sublime intelligence did very well, bringing a sense of truth as well as feelings of drift. Abundant for the audience. I am not mistaken because the film director is a girl from Korea, so we can understand how well the film did well in terms of emotions. The film also has a few plot -twist though not too surprising but still attractive and dramatic for the film. The villain of the film is still weak like other movies but it is probably reserved for the new sequels to be shown. For some reason, critics rated 9.8 / 10 for the film. The opinion of Ghiền review is that they like this movie so much 8.5 / 10 for the movie storyline.

Picture: Although the effects of the film are not as authentic as the blockbusters are invested a lot of money, Superpower Still make viewers feel satisfied with the depiction of super powers of each character in the film. Certainly, not only are you addicted to review, but many of you also want to see our characters show more ability. The fire scenes in the movie are also quite spectacular and beautiful

The plus point for the image of the film comes from the artistic angles in the sun and the disappearance of the character’s memories. I don’t know why the review’s feelings are higher when the characters in the movie disappear rather than the emotions when watching the same scene in Infinity War. Besides, the film also brings many beautiful scenes of the United States to the film and watching the characters carrying backpacks like that, everyone must have the urge in them to go on a trip somewhere this week. OK. This part of the movie Gh gra review 8/10 all of you.

Sound: As mentioned above, because the director is originally from Korea, the movie is extremely expensive in the emotional scene and music is one of the tools for the director to deploy that. Reviewers found that the film selected extremely expensive tracks that matched the character’s emotions and the content of the scene. If you are weak, maybe you will cry because of these scenes. The better the music later, the better the sound makes the movie so much 8/10 for the audio.

Acting: The actors in the film are all new faces, so bring a new flavor to this work. The actor with the most acting ground is Amandla Stenberg as Ruby. The face blends the beauty of the Americas, interwoven with the heat of Africa and the elegance of Asia makes every expression with her eyes as if telling all the character’s character. Amandla’s way of acting makes viewers feel lovely, both strong and very feminine in this character. Compared to Thomas in the Maze Decoding, Ruby in this movie is much better and cute.

Ruby’s three friends all fulfilled their roles when Liam, played by Harris Dickinson, had a cinematic face with an irresistible handsome appearance. Smart guy Chubs by Skylan Brooks is very lovely and brings the most laughter to the movie. Asian girl Miya Cech, though without any lines and has the few most screened episodes of the four main characters, still leaves an impression on the viewers. The remaining roles are not too impressive but overall still ensure the quality of acting of the film. Add a review of this section 7.5 / 10 Please.

International scale:

  • IMDB: 5,6/ten (64 reviews)
  • Metascore: 50/ten
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 17/ 100 (Rotten Tomatoes)

Summary, The Darkest Minds – The Darkest Minds is a good movie and has great potential for sequels. Review reviewers do not know why the critics of the world rated the movie so low, but under the sense of Asians and have not read this story before going to theaters, the review review is extremely satisfied and experienced. Great experience when watching movies. Please try going to the theater to see if you feel like Ghiền review.

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