Movie Review Mamma Mia - Love again

8 Movie Review Mamma Mia – Love again

Time: 114 minutes

Directors: Ol Parker

Cast: Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep

Forever 10 years after the success of the music film Mamma Mia Launched in 2018, the new filmmakers released part 2 of this work with the name Mamma Mia – Love again (Mamma Mia – Here we go again). The review has just finished watching this movie and this is really a new breeze for the cinema when the blockbuster action covers the entire screening list. Come on, let’s get together to review this movie.

Plot: Mamma Mia – Love again continues the story of part 1 when Sophie succeeds her mother Donna (passed away) to build a beautiful hotel on the island of KaloKairi. It’s about to open, but so many things happened that made her collapse. However, her relatives always encouraged and helped her so that Sophie could fulfill her mother’s wishes.

Listen to the plot lead as above, you think the movie content is too simple, isn’t it. Hey, don’t be in a hurry, because the movie is a story told in music in an extremely scientific way of narrating the interplay between the past in a logical way, easy to understand, adequate and extremely skillful Art. We will be clearer why Donna went to the romantic island in Greece and Sophie had three dads through Donna’s youth journey. Thereby, the film motivates many young people to let go of the barriers and prejudices to do what they like, go to the places they want to have a happy life and especially girls will have the opportunity. meet the handsome western guys.

The film also features the sacred motherhood through the image of Donna becoming pregnant and Sophie being a mother. The sympathy of the mother’s sacrifice and the sacredness of carrying a small soul in the gentle music background and meaningful lyrics will surely make viewers shiver with emotion. Not only that, but it also shows how important father and son affection, family affection, and love are for us. In crucial moments, we truly realize who we need to be most with.

The film is very cute, there is no evil, evil role in the film where we see joy, happiness, sadness and heart between people. In the middle of a series of blockbusters with epic effects, Mamma Mia is like a strange wind that makes people’s hearts become more refreshing, interesting and love life. The movie is really worth watching, so please take a look. Marked review 7.5 / 10 for the movie storyline.

Picture: Mamma Mia 2 has many extremely expensive and artistic footage, especially the film’s creative ability is invaluable. The songs in the film under the ingenious lens of the cinematographers appear as an elaborately invested MV with careful calculations between the images and the lyrics, thus creating excitement for the viewers.

Besides, the selection of the filming scene in Croatia also makes the scene become as beautiful as the paradise of Thermisca of Wonder Woman. Movie costumes are also taken care of little by little with all genres from time to time, each country and each different character personality, giving the film an overall diverse and eye-catching color spectrum. Marked review 8/10 for film images.

Sound: This is the best part of the movie, because the movie is about music so this part should be invested the most. Most of the songs shown in the movie have a Pop – Ballad sound that is easy to listen to, easy to hear with catchy melody and accurately describe the mood and emotions of the actor. However, you can still listen to ABBA’s legendary songs like I have a dream, Mamma Mia, When I kissed the Teacher or Waterloo … all remixed with a new style and clear, powerful internal voice. and the beautiful choreography of the young cast, will definitely make you rock it, even want to stand up and dance in the theater. Marked review 8.5 / 10 for the music of the movie.

Acting: The film has a similarity in acting among the actors. If you love the first part of the movie, in this part 2 you will also be satisfied with almost 99% of the actors in the previous part returned to the second part and they all fulfilled their roles, even having a lot of land. more due to the withdrawal of star Meryl Streep (Donna).

The two roles that occupy the most spotlight in this film are probably young Donna played by the beautiful Lily James and Amada Seyfried as Sophie. The two girls have many details to express their emotions and ability to sing, dance the most. The review is extremely interested in the expressions of the two when singing, acting, looking very attractive but full of cute and honest. Compared to Meryl Streep in the previous section, with their youth, these two girls clearly created a lot more eye-catching.

The fun of the movie also comes from 3 fathers with 3 different nationalities in their youth. The character of each boy is clearly different and their affection for Donna is portrayed very attractive and lovely. In general, looking back at the young and current versions of the characters, viewers will feel excited, lovely and have to laugh because of these characters. The review continues to score 8/10 for the film’s performance.

International scale:

  • IMDB: 7.3/ten (14,949 reviews)
  • Metascore: 60/ 100
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 79/ 100 (Fresh Tomatoes)

Summary, Mamma Mia: Love again is a new and delicious food that you have to enjoy right away because now the cinemas have only 1 movie per day for this movie. Many reviewers believe that whether you are sleepy or bored, after watching this movie, you will feel love in life, like to travel and come out of the theater to sing something. Remember to go offline.

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