Corgi movie review: The royal dogs
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8 Corgi movie review: The royal dogs

Time: 85 minutes

Directors: Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen

Cast: Jack Whitehall, Julie Walters, Tom Courtenay

Nation: America

Category: Animation, fun, adventure

Premiere: 4/26/2019

The reviewers must have a compliment because the animation production team dared to release the movie at a time when the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame sweeping the box office. However, it is still possible to understand why the producers of this adorable dog are so confident. Simply because the film is full of entertainment, fun and follow me Corgi: The royal dogs suitable for adults than children. Come on, let’s get together to review this movie.

Plot: The film rotated uncle for Corgi Purebred to be named Rex Queen of England adopted from childhood and bestowed the title of pet dog by the queen. One time, he was scolded by the queen, so he sadly wanted to escape from the palace to adventure under the suggestion of his uncle Charlie – a close friend in Rex’s palace. From here, Rex’s life was filled with waves and whether a dude used to living in velvet could live like that outside? Let’s go to the cinema to find out more about Rex’s life.

First, let us know that four dogs are a secret Corgi appearing in this cartoon is based on a real life prototype. Queen Elizabeth II have a hobby of dogs Corgi from the time she was 18 until now. The breed’s lifespan for short legs, this big butt is from 12 to 13 years so the dogs Corgi The one who lived with her until now is a descendant of the 13-14 generations of the first dogs. Therefore, the film is a gift for the Queen of England and those who love the warm image when the queen caresses and caresses every time she goes on a business trip.

Back to the movie, the actual review Add feel Corgi: The royal dogs possessing a good story, interesting, continuous and creative film makes it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off the screen or get bored. Not to mention the film also has plot plot twist quite unexpectedly and attractive, helping the rhythm of the movie come alive and attract viewers extremely.

The comedy element of the movie is very charming, anyone who laughs and is a bit dark is always laughing. The personification of the dogs’ personalities in the film into the human character is very successful and the viewers suddenly feel closer to the dogs because they partly understand their feelings and emotions. However, this comedy element is suitable for adults rather than children because it contains some slightly sensitive scenes as well as sex lust and hearing sentences for lovers.

Another thing that Ghi likes to review in the film is that the inclusion of heads of state in the film is extremely comfortable and cute. You will come across an image of the Queen of England or her husband US President Donald Trump How close in the film, even the boss of The White House Still being drowned and smashed badly. Animated, just let everything go beyond normal reality.

Corgi: The royal dogs Gives viewers a lot of meaning from the film, but perhaps adults will be easier to contemplate. It can be the friendship of friends, the spirit of daring to stand up against the power, sacrifice for true love or go out into the world to become more mature. However, according to Ghi review the best thing that the film can do is highlight the power of money in love. Extremely practical and reasonable always. To the bitch when she knew him Corgi As a descendant of his father, he was blindly in love with him even though she was in love with her and she had not noticed him before.

The movie has decent villains, but the ending for the villain is extremely intelligent, reasonable and very humane. The movie is extremely cute and worth watching horribly. Although there are many non-physical and logical points of view, as an animation, it should not be considered too much of these factors, instead open and enjoy the movie instead. Add a review of this section 8.5 / 10 all of you.

Picture: Graphics of Corgi: The royal dogs will please you because it really looks very real, beautiful and extremely adorable. The colors in the film are brilliant and the expressions of the characters are well expressed. Human image (Queen of England, President Trump) drawn stylized, animated but still guaranteed to be original in real life. Marked review 8/10 for this part.

Sound: The voiceover of the film is better than other cartoons when the dialog is clear, natural (except for some characters, the voice is quite difficult to listen to) and fully reveals the character’s personality. The sound of the movie sounded relatively ears and lively, but the song in the movie has not been fully Vietnamized as well as not good enough or Let it go in Frozen. Marked review 7.5 / 10 for this part.

Acting: As mentioned above, the expressions and moods of the characters in the film are extremely realistic and natural depiction through the character lines, so there is no need to evaluate much, this part of the movie deserves to be received. point 8/10. Regardless of whether it was accidental or intentional, I found that the characters in the movie were built in a way that is plumpy, and that I like this style so I enjoy the movie very much.

Assessment scale:

  • IMDB: 5.5/ 10 (555 reviews)
  • Google: 90/100
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 45/100 (viewer score)

Summary, Corgi: The royal dogs is a really worth watching movie, not only for children but even more suitable for us adults. This is indeed a worthy opponent Avengers: Endgame will be out this week and if you can’t afford the biggest blockbuster of the year Marvel then why not try and play with the dogs Corgi huh?

– BatmanHCM-

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