Everyone has a different purpose for refitting. Some people value performance improvement, while others pursue appearance distortions. For the Harley car series, the changes in silhouette and style are especially popular among players, and the more they deviate from the original factory frame, the more satisfying they can often be. This work from Cowboy Workshop is an example of a successful transformation from 883 Super Low!

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As long as you are a loyal reader of FREE BIKER, you may have seen that this car is the Sportster owned by the tattoo artist “Dice” that appeared in the first “Bikers’ Story” unit. This car actually evolved from the 883 Super Low, but if compared with the original appearance, let alone my mother can’t recognize it, even the original Harley designer will probably stare at it for a long time.

In terms of appearance, this car completely escapes the original modern shadow of the 883 Super Low. In addition to a clear and old flavor, the style is also closer to the thin and narrow Frisco route. Moreover, the degree of weight reduction of this car is not to be underestimated. In addition to the great changes in the shape and volume of the fuel tank, the rear soil has been greatly narrowed and shortened, and the diameter of the front and rear wheels has been replaced by 21 or 18 inches. It has become much slender, and visually, the widest part of the car seems to be the subframe and two rear shocks!

However, there are many difficulties that must be overcome for the Sportster to be so slim. The oil canister and battery that were originally placed under the seat cushion are the most important issues. In addition to the size of the oil cylinder, the battery is installed horizontally, so the space occupied by these two items also makes the left and right side covers have to be wider than the frame. In order to completely achieve the effect of slimming, Denim Workshop changed the position and form of the oil canister for this car. Currently, only the EFI system cable and computer are stored under the seat cushion, and the battery is moved to the lower left of the rocker arm. , The oil tank is changed to the front of the engine.

This re-manufactured aluminum oil canister is directly exposed between the engine and the front wheel, so the denim workshop also puts special effort into styling. In addition to adding fins to the windward side in exchange for better heat dissipation efficiency, the pipes for the oil tube in and out of the engine are replaced with copper pipes. These winding and eye-catching copper pipes also cleverly add to the otherwise ordinary left side of the engine. Many highlights.

The change of the fuel tank shape is also another important key for this car to escape the shadow of the 883 Super Low. However, under the premise that the fuel supply system is electronic injection, the fuel tank must be concealed in the gasoline pump, so the width of the fuel tank must be greatly reduced There is a certain degree of difficulty. Don’t forget, the EFI engine also has a bunch of difficult cables and computers, and when the fuel tank is reduced, it becomes relatively difficult to hide these cables, so this car can have such a neat and streamlined appearance. Appearance is actually very difficult.

On the whole, this car not only gives a completely new look, but also continues the usual style of the denim workshop. For example, the longitudinally installed headlights and asymmetrical headlight stands, as well as the left and right pedals, the card stand and the double-layer structure of the rear soil removal, etc., all have the spirit of the past works of the denim workshop!

Photos by Bart Photo