8:1 Krypton | JD.com changed its head for the third time in three years; Luxshare Precision established a chip manufacturing company; Huawei released the tablet MatePad 11

8:1 Krypton | JD.com changed its head for the third time in three years; Luxshare Precision established a chip manufacturing company; Huawei released the tablet MatePad 11

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Weibo’s pre-market growth shrank to 11%, after it rose nearly 50% before

36 Krypton learned that Weibo’s pre-market increase has shrunk to 11%, after it had risen by nearly 50% before. Weibo responded that the privatization rumors were untrue. Earlier, according to Reuters, Weibo Chairman Cao Guowei negotiated with state-owned enterprises to privatize the Weibo platform at a price of US$90-100 per share.

China Central Radio and Television and Tencent reach strategic cooperation on Olympic Games broadcast video

36 Krypton learned that China Central Radio and Television and Tencent jointly held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that Tencent has become a strategic partner for broadcast video for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The main station and Tencent will cooperate in the fields of resources, content, interaction, cross-border, products, and technology.

Porsche, Rimac and Bugatti form a joint venture to build an electric supercar

36 Krypton learned that Porsche and Rimac, an electric supercar manufacturer, plan to establish a joint venture Bugatti-Rimac within this year and integrate the Bugatti brand. After obtaining the approval of the antitrust agency of the relevant country, the joint venture company is scheduled to be formally established in the fourth quarter of this year. Rimac will hold 55% of Bugatti-Rimac and Porsche will hold 45%. Bugatti-Rimac will initially focus on the development of two supercars: the Bugatti Chiron and the pure electric sports car Rimac Nevera.

Luxshare Precision established a chip manufacturing company with a registered capital of 300 million yuan

36 Krypton learned that the Tianyan Check App showed that on July 2nd, Lixin Precision Intelligent Manufacturing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. The legal representative is Hao Jie. The business scope includes display device manufacturing; industrial robot manufacturing; intelligence. Robot research and development; integrated circuit chip and product manufacturing, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly-owned by Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Wanda Films: The number of people is better than the price strategy this year will continue

Wanda Films said in an agency survey yesterday that the company’s average ticket price is declining, and it is currently around 38 yuan, which is narrowing the gap with the national average ticket price. The company hopes to drive the growth of the overall box office through attendance. Some high-end cinemas can see higher ticket prices, but this has caused a decline in the box office and market share. The trend of attendance is better than the fare strategy. The company will continue to maintain this year. (Securities Times)

Jingdong Zhantou has changed the person in charge for the third time in three years

The head of the strategic investment department of JD.com changed around May 2021. Hu Zhengwei (Hugo) took over. The former head and vice president of JD.com Hu Ningfeng (Jason) remained in the strategic investment department and was responsible for research on major projects and important industries. , Reports to Hu Zhengwei, and Hu Zhengwei reports to the group’s chief financial officer Xu Ran (Sandy). This is the third time that Jingdong Group has changed the head of the Strategic Investment Department in the past three years. (LatePost is late)

Tianze Information: Subsidiary Youkeshu’s independent station business shrinks severely

36 Krypton learned that Tianze Information announced that the business of its holding subsidiary, Youkeshu’s independent station, has shrunk severely. At the same time, Amazon’s business, which is the focus of transformation, is currently not developing well. It is expected that the overall revenue of Youkeshu in 2021 will be Decrease 40%-60%. Since 2019, Youkeshu cross-border e-commerce business has become the main source of revenue and profit of Tianze Information. The above situation will have a certain degree of adverse impact on the company’s cross-border e-commerce business development this year, but the current impact is still within the controllable range.

Zhiyun shares reply to the letter of concern: After changing to the state of no actual controller, the company still has the ability to operate independently

36氪 learned that Zhiyun shares responded to the letter of concern. After the company changed to a state of no actual controller, it would not adversely affect the company’s daily production and operation, and would not affect the company’s business independence, personnel independence, financial independence, and asset integrity. Still have the ability to operate independently.

IDC: Chinese enterprise team collaboration software continues to maintain rapid growth

36Kr learned that IDC released the “2020 China Enterprise Team Collaboration Software Market Tracking Report” that in 2020, the Chinese enterprise team collaboration software market will be 255 million U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 31.8%. IDC predicts that by 2025, the size of the Chinese enterprise team collaboration software market will reach 602 million U.S. dollars, and the overall market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 18.8% in the next five years.

Liangpin Shop: intends to buy back shares for 75 million yuan-150 million yuan

36 Krypton learned that Liangpin Shop announced that it intends to repurchase shares for 75 million yuan to 150 million yuan, and the repurchase price will not exceed 69.85 yuan per share.

ST Baling: Shareholding company Gaia Mutual Entertainment plans to reorganize overseas listing

36 Krypton learned that ST Baling announced that Beijing Gaia Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Co., Ltd. is planning overseas listing and pre-listing reorganization due to business development needs. At present, Baling Investment, a subsidiary of the company, holds 7.3 million shares of Gaia Interactive, accounting for 4.48% of Gaia’s total share capital.

US stocks’ large technology stocks rose before the market, Google rose 0.49%

36 Krypton learned that as of press time, large US technology stocks rose before the market, among which Apple rose 0.23%, Microsoft rose 0.2%, Amazon rose 0.26%, Google rose 0.49%, Netflix rose 0.03%, Facebook rose 0.44%, and Tesla Up 0.01%.

Popular Chinese concept stocks generally fell before the market, Dingdong Shopping, Daily Excellent Fresh fell more than 5%

36 Krypton learned that as of press time, popular Chinese concept stocks and US stocks generally fell before the market, Pinduoduo fell 3.11%, JD fell 1.98%, Baidu fell 2.69%, Station B fell 4.29%, Alibaba fell 0.62%, and Weilai fell 2.64% , Ideal Motors fell 3.12%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 4.09%, Dingdong Shopping, Daily Excellent Fresh fell more than 5%.

Wingtech: Anshi Semiconductor establishes independent semiconductor equipment company ITEC

Yesterday, Wingtech’s wholly-owned subsidiary Anshi Semiconductor announced that ITEC, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer founded by Philips (now Nexperia) in 1991, headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, announced that it has become an independent entity, but ITEC is still the Nexperia Group a part of. ITEC is committed to providing durable and innovative manufacturing solutions for global semiconductor manufacturers. Through this move, ITEC can promptly solve the problems of the third-party market and meet the blowout demand for semiconductors. (Securities Times)

Hebo Medicine: Bartolizumab has achieved positive results in Phase II clinical treatment of systemic myasthenia gravis

36 Krypton learned that Hebo Pharmaceutical announced that its research product bartolizumab has positive results in a phase II study of Chinese patients with systemic myasthenia gravis (gMG). Data from the Phase II study showed that, in terms of statistics and clinical benefit, bartolizumab showed clinical improvement over placebo, as well as good safety and tolerability. Bartolizumab is expected to become a new choice to fill the current gap in the treatment of gMG patients. Phase III clinical trials are expected to start in the second half of 2021.

TCL Huaxing India plant officially starts production in the fourth quarter

Recently, TCL Group’s panel factory in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India, was temporarily suspended due to the epidemic, and it has been confirmed that it will start production in the fourth quarter of this year. According to Indian media ET Telecom, TCL India General Manager Mike Chen said that of TCL Huaxing’s 11 global production lines, 5 will be used for the production of TV panels and 6 will be used for mobile phone panels. At the same time, the company will produce 8 million 32 to 75-inch TV panels and 30 million 3.5 to 8-inch mobile phone panels every year. (Sina Technology)

Lianchuang shares: PPCP biodegradable plastic as a new product, there is a risk of market promotion

36 Krypton learned that Lianchuang shares disclosed abnormal fluctuations in stock trading and announced that the company’s newly built project 8,000 tons/year polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) project, 60,000 tons/year biodegradable polymer project, and the fourth generation of new environmentally friendly foam The agent project is still under construction, and there is a risk that it cannot be put into production as scheduled or the benefits are not as good as expected. The company’s biodegradable plastics are PPCP degradable plastics, and its preparation process is a new technology, and there is a risk that the product will not meet the standard at one time; as a new product, its application market development requires a certain period of time, and there is a risk of market promotion.

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The number of motor vehicle drivers nationwide is 469 million, and the number of new energy vehicles reaches 6.03 million

According to the Ministry of Public Security, as of June 2021, the number of motor vehicles in the country has reached 384 million, including 292 million cars; motor vehicle drivers are 469 million, including 431 million car drivers and 13.9 million newly-licensed drivers. In the first half of 2021, 18.71 million new motor vehicles and 1.103 million new energy vehicles were registered nationwide, both hitting a record high over the same period; the number of new energy vehicles nationwide reached 6.03 million, accounting for 2.06% of the total number of vehicles. (Xinhua News Agency)

Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Futures and options such as BYD, Haidilao and Nongfu Spring will be launched

36 Krypton learned that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced yesterday that it will launch six new stock futures contracts and five new stock option categories in batches on July 19 (Monday) and July 26 (Monday), respectively. Including BYD Electronics, Haidilao, Ctrip Group, Nongfu Spring, etc.

Investment and Financing

Fintech service provider “Yuxin Technology” completes tens of millions of A round of financing

36Kr was informed that Yuxin Technology, a financial technology service provider, received tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing, and Meihua Ventures led the investment. Yuxin Technology was established in 2017. It is a financial technology service provider that provides business automation solutions and professional document intelligent writing solutions for customers in the financial sector represented by securities companies and banks.

Li Shanglong, the original Kao Chong, resigned to establish Feichi Academy, has received investment from China Taoli Capital

36Kr was informed that Feichi Academy, a learning and growth brand for young people founded by the famous writer Li Shanglong, announced that it has completed the first round of financing and the investor is China Taoli Capital. For financing purposes, Li Shanglong stated that it will be mainly used for continuous polishing of high-quality content, technology development, personal IP creation, film and television, book development, and talent recruitment.

Southeast Asian payment giant Pine Labs receives US$600 million in financing from Fidelity and BlackRock

Pine Labs, an online payment platform in India and Southeast Asia, announced a new round of financing plan yesterday. Institutional investors such as Fidelity Investment Group and Blackstone Group participated in the financing. The financing scale exceeded US$600 million. However, this round of financing is still subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission of India. Approved. The company’s executives told the media that it plans to conduct a public offering (IPO) in the next 18 months, and that US stocks are more likely to be IPOs. (Associated Finance Press)

Credit Suisse and JPMorgan Chase will collaborate to launch a sustainable health fund

The asset and wealth management businesses of Credit Suisse and JPMorgan Chase are working together to develop a new investment strategy focused on sustainable nutrition. Credit Suisse said in a statement on Tuesday that the fund will invest in listed companies that “solve the relationship between nutrition, health, biodiversity and climate, with special attention to the social and environmental aspects of nutrition.” According to a Credit Suisse spokesperson, the two banks plan to launch the fund before the end of the year and said there are no financial details of the joint venture. (Daily Economic News)

Cool product

Huawei releases tablet MatePad 11, priced from 2499 yuan

On July 6, Huawei released the Huawei MatePad 11 equipped with HarmonyOS 2, starting at 2,499 yuan. Huawei MatePad 11 is equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen for the first time. This is another tablet product equipped with HarmonyOS 2 after Huawei released two flagship products of the MatePad Pro series on June 2. (interface)

Huawei MatePad 11

Changdian Technology: Release of XDFOI multi-dimensional packaging technology

Recently, Changjiang Electronics Technology announced the official launch of the XDFOI™ full series of extremely high-density fan-out packaging solutions, aiming to provide high cost performance, high integration, high density interconnection and high reliability for the heterogeneous integration of chips that are highly concerned by global customers. solution. It is expected to complete product verification and achieve mass production in the second half of 2022. (Securities Times)

Other important news

Central Office and State Office: Improve data security, cross-border data flow, and strengthen the supervision of China’s concept stocks

The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Strictly Cracking Down on Illegal Securities Activities in accordance with the Law.” The opinions put forward to improve relevant laws and regulations such as data security, cross-border data flow, and confidential information management. Efforts will be made to revise the regulations on strengthening the confidentiality and file management related to the issuance and listing of securities overseas, and to compact the main responsibility of information security of overseas listed companies. Strengthen the standardized management of cross-border information provision mechanisms and procedures. Effective measures will be taken to deal with risks and emergencies of Chinese concept stock companies, and promote the construction of relevant regulatory systems. (Xinhua News Agency)

National Development and Reform Commission: No new super high-rise buildings over 500 meters are allowed

The National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Infrastructure Construction Projects and Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Projects”, requiring strict inspections of super high-rise buildings. Among them, the seismic fortification approval system of over-limit high-rise buildings should be strictly implemented for buildings above 100 meters, which is suitable for the scale and spatial scale of the city, and matches the fire rescue capabilities; strictly restrict the construction of new buildings above 250 meters that really need to be constructed. The construction plan shall be reviewed in combination with the fire protection and other special demonstrations, and submitted to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the record; no new super high-rise buildings over 500 meters are allowed. (People’s Daily Online)

Zou Jiayi, Vice Minister of Finance: Speeding up the construction of agricultural data information platform

Vice Minister of Finance Zou Jiayi stated at the State Council policy briefing on the expansion of the three major food crop agricultural insurance policies and the State Council policy briefing that it is necessary to further strengthen the infrastructure construction of agricultural insurance, including accelerating the construction of agricultural data information platforms. Strive to make the information platform an important tool for the government to manage agricultural insurance in the near future. In the long run, the information platform should become an important starting point for undertaking the policies for supporting and benefiting farmers and guiding agricultural production. (China Securities Network)


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