8:1 Krypton | Douyin becomes the exclusive interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021; Alipay launches anti-epidemic service area during Spring Festival Transport; car chip shortage escalates

8:1 Krypton | Douyin becomes the exclusive interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021; Alipay launches anti-epidemic service area during Spring Festival Transport; car chip shortage escalates

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Alipay: Launched the anti-epidemic area during the Spring Festival Transport, search for “Spring Festival Transport” to enter the special page

36 Krypton learned that Alipay has launched a special area for anti-epidemic services during the Spring Festival Transport to provide one-stop anti-epidemic services for users who need to return home due to special circumstances. For users who need to travel during the Spring Festival travel season, Alipay has compiled the high-frequency services required for travel, such as one-click access to health codes, inquiries on local return policies, inquiries on epidemic risk levels, and appointments for nucleic acid testing and sampling. Search “Spring Festival Transport” on Alipay to enter the special page.

Douyin becomes the exclusive interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021, with 1.2 billion yuan on New Year’s Eve

36 Krypton learned that on the 26th, Douyin and CCTV Spring Festival Gala jointly announced that Douyin will become the exclusive red envelope interactive partner of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala. This is the second time Douyin has reached a cooperation with CCTV Spring Festival Gala after the 2019 Spring Festival Gala. On New Year’s Eve, Douyin will allocate 1.2 billion yuan during the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast. When watching the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, users can get red envelopes by opening Douyin according to the host’s password.

Sources say that Bytedance will double its revenue in 2020, reaching approximately US$37 billion

The Information quoted people familiar with the matter as reporting that Bytedance’s revenue in 2020 has more than doubled to approximately 37 billion U.S. dollars, and its operating profit last year exceeded 7 billion U.S. dollars. ByteDance has informed some investors that it may conduct an IPO as early as this year. (Bloomberg)

It is reported that the retail segment of Kuaishou Hong Kong IPO has been oversubscribed by 287 times so far

The retail part of Kuaishou Hong Kong IPO has been oversubscribed by 287 times so far. (Hong Kong Economic Times)

Baidu Health Vaccine Protection Plan: Spot appointments for genuine vaccines such as HPV, influenza, and shingles

36 Krypton learned that Baidu Health officially launched the “vaccine protection plan.” Search for “Baidu Health” through Baidu App and enter the vaccine area, and you can make an online appointment for genuine HPV vaccines, flu vaccines, shingles vaccines, pneumonia vaccines and other vaccines provided by regular hospitals. Baidu Health will launch 100 vaccine popular science live broadcasts in 2021, and at the same time introduce a 10 million subsidy policy. From February 2 to 28, consumers will receive different discounts for vaccine reservations on Baidu Health.

BYD: Executive Li Ke intends to reduce holdings of not more than 1 million A shares

36 Krypton learned that BYD issued a late announcement, “The company’s 0.44% of the company’s senior executive Li Ke intends to reduce its holdings of no more than 1 million A shares, accounting for no more than 8.39% of the company’s total A shares. The total equity ratio does not exceed 0.04%. Li Ke has held the company’s shares for more than ten years. Li Ke stated that he is still confident in the company’s development prospects and will continue to hold the company’s shares firmly for a long time.”

Xiaopeng Motors OTA pushes NGP navigation assisted driving function

It was learned that on the 26th, Xiaopeng Motors announced that it would open the NGP automatic navigation assisted driving (public beta) function to users for the first time through an OTA upgrade. Xiaopeng Motors stated that the establishment of NGP in the first quarter of 2018 is a milestone achievement of its full-stack self-developed system, which can cover automatic overtaking, automatic speed limit adjustment, optimal lane selection, automatic highway switching, automatic up and down ramps, and lane change Use scenarios such as automatic emergency avoidance can also realize functions such as traffic cone recognition and avoidance, large truck avoidance, night overtaking reminder, faulty vehicle avoidance, and super car following on congested roads.

Worth buying: 2020 net profit is expected to increase by 20%-40%

36 Krypton learned that it is worth buying to release a performance forecast. It is expected that the net profit attributable to the parent in 2020 is 143 million yuan to 167 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%-40%. During the reporting period, the company-oriented e-commerce and brand business transaction volume (GMV) increased steadily, and actively cultivated short video and live broadcast services centered on “Xingluo” and “Multi-Consumer MCN”.

A related company of station B publishes the patent of “Red envelope bullet screen playback method and playback system”

36 Krypton learned that Tianyan Check App showed that recently, Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd. published a new patent, the patent name is “Red envelope bullet screen playback method and playback system”, the patent publication date is January 15. The patent publication number is CN108401178B, and the legal status is authorized. The patent summary shows that the present invention, by setting a red envelope bullet screen, enables the user to send a certain number of red envelopes while sending text bullet screens. With the aid of the red envelopes, other users’ attention, etc., are used to strengthen the relationship with other users. Interactive effect.

Tesla and BMW approve US$3.5 billion EU battery aid program

Tesla and BMW have been approved for a US$3.5 billion EU battery assistance program. (Bloomberg)

Microsoft’s revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2021 is $43.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17%

Microsoft on Tuesday released its second fiscal quarter earnings report for fiscal 2021. The financial report shows that Microsoft’s adjusted earnings per share for the second fiscal quarter were US$2.03, and the market expected US$1.64, compared to US$1.51 in the same period last year; revenue was US$43.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17%. The market expected US$40.2 billion and US$36.906 billion in the same period last year. Microsoft’s smart cloud business revenue in the second fiscal quarter was $14.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23%, and the market is expected to be $13.75 billion. Microsoft said that revenue from Azure public cloud increased by 50%, and analysts had expected an increase of about 42%. (Sina Finance)

Industry chain person: Chip foundry is already expanding production capacity for automotive chips, but the fastest Q3 can produce output

According to foreign media reports, the current global automotive chip supply is tight, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford and many other automakers have been affected, and some manufacturers are already adjusting their production. Foreign media quoted news reports disclosed by industry chain sources that even if chip foundries start to expand production capacity for automotive chips, the output of automotive chips will not start to increase until the third quarter at the earliest. This also means that the shortage of automotive chips may continue for some time. (TechWeb)

The shortage of automotive chips escalates, Volkswagen may claim compensation from suppliers

According to foreign media reports, a Volkswagen Group spokesperson said that due to insufficient chip supply, Volkswagen’s production capacity was constrained. Volkswagen is currently discussing countermeasures with major auto parts suppliers such as Bosch and Continental, including seeking financial compensation. Volkswagen hopes to start short-term cooperation with other new suppliers during this period, and the costs incurred should be shared with Bosch and Continental. Daimler Group also stated that the current priority is to minimize the impact of global supply bottlenecks and is taking bilateral measures to clarify the negative impact of related cooperation. (China Business News)

Investment and Financing

“KLOOK” received US$200 million in Series E financing to deploy local tourism in Asia Pacific

36氪 learned that Klook recently received 200 million U.S. dollars in Series E financing, led by the pan-Asian investment company Aspex Management, Sequoia Capital China Fund, Softbank Vision Fund 1, Jingwei China and Boyu Capital continue to follow cast. It is reported that this round of financing funds will be further used for supply chain integration and digital upgrades to accelerate the layout of peripheral tourism and the domestic market.

Smart retail full-link system combined with operational services, “Zizhi Technology” completed 50 million yuan A round of financing

36 Krypton learned that the smart retail integrated solution service provider “Zhizhi Technology” completed a 50 million yuan A round of financing, this round of financing was led by Lenovo Ventures, GGV Jiyuan Capital followed the investment, the old shareholder Jingwei China overweight, Sina Capital Acting as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing. At the beginning of 2020, Zhuozhi Technology completed the Pre-A round of financing led by Jingwei China and co-invested by Gaorong Capital.

Oral beauty brand “UNOMI” completes multi-million dollar angel round financing

36氪 was informed that recently, the oral beauty brand “UNOMI” completed a multi-million dollar angel round of financing, exclusively invested by Xianfeng Evergreen. This round of financing will be used for product stocking and marketing. In August 2020, “UNOMI” has completed a seed round financing of millions of yuan, and the investor is an LP of Huagai Capital.

New product

It is reported that iPhone 12S will be equipped with a new display to reduce power consumption by 16%, and it has begun to test Samsung outsole sensors

According to reports from South Korean media, the iPhone 12S series (tentative name) that will debut this fall will not only use LTPO panels on the two high-end versions, but the luminescent materials of the display will also be upgraded simultaneously. The iPhone 12S series will use the same M11 luminescent material display as the Samsung S21 Ultra, which can reduce power consumption by 16%. At the same time, in terms of cameras, the new iPhone will be fully replaced with a CIS with a larger photosensitive area. It has even begun sampling and testing the HM4 sensor that Samsung has not yet released. It is said to be able to support 12bit image output, but whether it will eventually be used this year. There is exact information. (Tencent Technology)

Picture from Tencent Technology

Other important news

In 2020, China’s bond market issued a total of 57.3 trillion yuan of bonds

According to data released by the People’s Bank of China on the 26th, China’s bond market issued a total of 57.3 trillion yuan of bonds in 2020, an increase of 26.5% over the previous year. The financial market operations announced by the Central Bank show that China’s bond market issuance will increase significantly in 2020. Among them, the issuance of government bonds is 7 trillion yuan, the issuance of local government bonds is 6.4 trillion yuan, the issuance of financial bonds is 9.3 trillion yuan, the issuance of interbank certificates of deposit is 19 trillion yuan, and the issuance of corporate credit bonds is 12.2 trillion yuan. (Securities Times)

Haitong Securities: Spring turmoil is not over yet

Haitong Securities said that the index may face a period of rest, but it is only a short-term rest period for the spring market turmoil. The National Two Sessions will be held shortly after the festival. According to the calendar effect, the climax of the spring market turmoil has not yet arrived. Or just an appetizer. (China Business News)


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