8:01 Krypton | Daily Youxian and Dingdong Maicai intend to go to the US for IPO; Hillhouse has aggressively reduced its holdings of Yipin stores; all community group buying platforms are required: a total ban on new purchases at prices significantly lower than cost

8:01 Krypton | Daily Youxian and Dingdong Maicai intend to go to the US for IPO; Hillhouse has aggressively reduced its holdings of Yipin stores; all community group buying platforms are required: a total ban on new purchases at prices significantly lower than cost

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Daily Youxian goes to the U.S. for IPO to be listed on Nasdaq

In the early morning of June 9, the community retailer Youxian submitted a prospectus in the United States every day, and plans to list on the Nasdaq. The stock code is “MF”. The tentative maximum fundraising amount is US$100 million. JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, CICC, China Renaissance Capital, ICBC International, Needham, Futu Holdings, and Tiger Securities are the underwriters of this IPO.

Dingdong Maicai Submits IPO Prospectus to US SEC: Tentatively Raises US$100 Million

Dingdong Maicai submitted IPO (initial public offering) listing application documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today. According to the prospectus, Dingdong Maicai plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Morgan Stanley (MS.N), Bank of America, Credit Suisse, etc. are all IPO underwriters with the stock code “DDL”, which is used for The tentative maximum funding amount for “Liufu” is US$100 million, but this figure has no practical significance. (Sina Technology)

Atour officially submitted the prospectus and plans to be listed on NASDAQ

Atour, the first stock of China’s new accommodation economy, formally submitted its prospectus and plans to be listed on NASDAQ under the stock code “ATAT”. Underwriters include Bank of America Securities, Citigroup, CICC, and China Merchants Bank International. The prospectus shows that as of March 31, 2021, Atour has 608 operating hotels and 71,121 rooms. Driven by the innovative “Atour Service Method”, Atour has become the largest mid-to-high-end hotel chain brand in China.

Naxue plans to raise 500 million US dollars, and its IPO lead bank valued it over 30 billion yuan

Naxue’s IPO plans to raise 500 million US dollars, and one of the lead banks has estimated from 31.1 billion to 34.6 billion yuan based on its own model. Under this model, the investment bank gives Nayuki a market-sales ratio of 4.6 to 5.1 times in fiscal year 2022. (Tencent first line)

Head of Education’s first day of listing closed up 43.91%, market value reached 2.6 billion US dollars

Headmaster Education officially listed in the United States today. The opening price on the first day of listing was $17.74 per share, an increase of 54.26% from the issue price of $11.5. By the end of the market, Headmaster Education closed up 43.91% to $16.55, with a market value of $2.609 billion. (Sina Technology)

Hillhouse aggressively reduces its holdings in Liangpin Shop, with a floating profit of 1.5 billion in 4 years

On the evening of June 8, Liangpin Store announced that the company had received notices from Zhuhai Hillhouse, Hong Kong Hillhouse, and Ningbo Hillhouse on June 8. As of June 7, the three had reduced their holdings of the company’s shares by 5.3613 million shares in total. After the reduction, the shareholding ratio decreased from 11.67% to 10.33%, exceeding 1% of the company’s total share capital. According to the preliminary estimate of Hillhouse Capital’s 46.8 million shares held before the reduction, the corresponding market value is 2.34 billion yuan, which is still about 1.54 billion yuan in floating profits compared with the initial investment cost of 800 million yuan. (Securities Times)

CATL: The actual number of shares that can be listed and traded this time is 28.88% of the total number of shares

36氪 learned that Ningde Times announced that the trading day of the restricted shares is June 11, and the shares that have been released from the sales restrictions are part of the shares that have been issued before the company’s initial public offering. The number of shares released this time accounts for the company’s shares. 40.88% of the total; the actual number of shares that can be listed and traded accounts for 28.88% of the total number of shares of the company.

Dada Group’s U.S. stocks rose more than 12% in intraday trading, and the company announced a $150 million share repurchase plan

On Tuesday, the US stock market Dada Group rose 11.99% to 28.82 US dollars. As of press time, Dada Group has risen by more than 12% to US$28.96. The market value is $6.827 billion.Dada Group rose more than 9% before the market. Last night, Dada Group released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter ended March 31 and announced a share repurchase plan of up to US$150 million. (Sina Technology)

All community group buying platforms are required: a total ban on new purchases at a price significantly lower than the cost

According to media reports, the community group buying platform is again subject to strict supervision and that the “1 cent spike” activity has been banned. It is also stated that “Meituan received an oral notification of the delisting of spike products on May 27 and was required to do so by June 1st. The rectification is complete.”

According to a person close to the Supervision Office, the above statement is not accurate. The supervision does not require “Meituan to take off the shelves at a price of 0.01 yuan for spike products” and “Several other platforms continue to tighten subsidies”, but at the same time to buy groups from all community platforms. Conveyed the requirement that goods should not be dumped at a price significantly lower than cost. (IT House)

Samsung started production of foldable OLED screens for Xiaomi Google vivo in October

According to media reports, Samsung Display is an important supplier of OLED screens required for smartphones. The OLED screens required for Apple’s iPhone were originally supplied exclusively by Samsung Display, and are still the main supplier. As smart phone manufacturers have successively launched foldable phones, Samsung Display is also supplying foldable OLED screens, and they are also important suppliers in this field. (TechWeb)

Jidu Auto responds to trademark preemptive registration: the trademark has been laid out ahead of schedule and announced in October

In response to the trademark cybersquatting, Jidu Auto responded to Sina Technology, stating that Jidu has been established for more than a hundred days, and the preliminary construction of technology, brand, and talent recruitment has been completed, and all businesses are advancing rapidly and steadily. In addition, Jidu has made a trademark layout in advance, and brand-related information is planned to be announced at the Jidu brand event in October. (Sina Technology)

Best Group’s net loss of 6.5 billion yuan in revenue in the first quarter narrowed year-on-year

Best Group (NYSE: BEST) today announced its financial report for the first quarter of 2021 as of March 31. According to the report, Best Group’s revenue in the first quarter was RMB 6.496 billion (approximately US$991.6 million), a year-on-year increase of 29.9%; the net loss was RMB 604.5 million (approximately US$92.3 million), compared to the same period last year. The net loss of Best Group was RMB 666.9 million, which was narrowed year-on-year. Not in accordance with US GAAP, Best Group’s net profit in the first quarter was RMB 581.1 million (approximately US$88.7 million), compared to the same period last year. According to the US GAAP, the net loss was RMB 632.3 million. (Sina Technology)

Google complies with EU regulations: provides 12 alternative search engines for Android users

According to reports, Google announced today that based on feedback from the European Union, in September this year, it will launch a new “search engine option” for European Android users, allowing them to choose their default search platform from as many as 12 search engines.According to a decision of the European Commission in July 2018, Google announced on August 2, 2019 that it will provide a “search engine selection box” on Android phones and tablets in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, allowing users to customize their own defaults. search engine. (Sina Technology)

Ohio filed lawsuit to list Google as a public utility

On Tuesday, Ohio asked a court to declare Alphabet’s Google company as a utility company. The state’s Republican Attorney General said that this move would prohibit the search and advertising giant from providing preferential treatment for its products. (Sina Technology)

Investment and Financing

Cross-border seller logistics service platform “Cross-border Good Luck” received hundreds of millions of yuan in financing

36 Krypton learned that the one-stop cross-border seller logistics platform “Cross-border Good Luck” has recently completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series A financing. The investor Temasek Investment’s Pavilion Fund and all old shareholders, Mountain View Capital served as financial advisors. After the completion of this round of financing, Cross-border Good Luck will continue to improve the product experience, and provide more cross-border freight route options for small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce sellers, and improve decision-making and logistics efficiency.

Mihayou, Lilith, etc. invested in an equity investment partnership

36氪 was informed that the Tianyancha App showed that recently, Boyu Anhua (Xiamen) Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) has undergone business changes, adding Shanghai Mihayou Tianming Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lilith Technology Co., Ltd., etc. partner. Boyu Anhua (Xiamen) Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) was established in May 2021. Its executive partner is Boyu Tianning (Xiamen) Equity Investment Co., Ltd. Its business scope includes private equity funds engaged in equity investment and investment management , Asset management and other activities. Partner information shows that the corporate partners also include Beijing Equity Investment Development Management Center (Limited Partnership), etc.

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New product

Nintendo Switch Pro configuration exposure: 5nm CPU, native 120 frames

Nintendo is scheduled to hold an E3 face-to-face meeting at 0:00 on June 16, Beijing time. In addition to the game, the protagonist may also include Switch Pro.According to the latest news, Switch Pro is equipped with a 5nm CPU, which is a huge upgrade compared to the original Tegra X1 (20nm) or the long-life version of Tegra X1+ (16nm).In addition, the CPU frequency can reach 1GHz, while the current version is only 768MHz. (Fast Technology)

Other important news

Affected by the shortage of chips, the output of joint venture passenger cars in May fell by over 20%

Since the beginning of this year, due to the low base effect caused by the epidemic last year, the auto market has shown substantial growth. Entering May, the low base increment has basically eliminated, but the auto market still showed an upward trend in May.According to data released by the China Passenger Car Association yesterday, retail sales of the passenger car market in May reached 1.623 million units, an increase of 1% year-on-year, a year-on-year increase of 3% year-on-year, and a month-on-month increase of 1%. It is worth noting that the auto market began to decline in 2018, and both showed negative growth in 2018 and 2019. In May this year, the auto market showed a year-on-year increase in both last year and 2019, so the overall retail performance in May was relatively good. (China Business News)

Global funds continue to pour into the bond and stock markets

The latest agency data show that global funds are optimistic about the prospects for economic growth and are pouring into major bond and stock markets. According to the latest statistics from EPFR, the world’s three major bond markets ushered in net capital inflows last week. Investment-grade bonds topped the list with a net inflow of US$3.63 billion, while high-yield bonds turned from net outflows in the previous week to net weekly net inflows. The inflow is about 150 million US dollars. Emerging market bond funds also have considerable net inflows. Data show that global funds are also showing interest in the stock market. Some market participants said that the Fed’s gradual reduction and withdrawal of quantitative easing expectations will weaken the upward momentum of the stock market and bond market. (Economic Information Daily)

A large number of websites around the world went down collectively and were once inaccessible

According to Bloomberg News, multiple global websites are malfunctioning and inaccessible at the same time, including Amazon Web Services (Amazon Web Services) Twitch, multiple media sites such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, CNN, etc., as well as Reddit and Twitter. The British government website is also malfunctioning. The technology media TechCrunch quoted an anonymous person from the Financial Times as saying that the inaccessibility of the website was caused by the failure of the cloud computing service provider Fastly. Most of these websites use Fastly’s services. (IT House)

Director of the Internal Revenue Service: Congress needs to authorize the agency to collect cryptocurrency transfer information

According to reports, the Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Charles Rettig (Charles Rettig) said on Tuesday that the US Congress needs to provide the bureau with clear statutory powers so that the latter can collect information on cryptocurrency transfers worth more than $10,000. Most of the information is not reported. (Sina Technology)


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