8 world-famous abandoned locations that make you shiver

8 world-famous abandoned locations that make you shiver

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In the world there are many abandoned places and each place has a special history or contains stories that terrify tourists. Some of them have a gruesome atmosphere, and others have a feeling of extreme horror.

We have selected 8 of the world’s most famous abandoned places that will either attract or shiver. Invite you to consult!

8. Michigan Central Station, Detroit

Michigan Central Station, Detroit

Michigan Central Station© wikimedia © Albert duce

At the time it was built in 1913, this is the tallest train station in the world. This station was closed in 1988, but in late 1990 it opened.

Less than a year later, this station was closed due to vandalism. Today, it is still closed and protected by national security forces.

7. City of Pripyat, Ukraine

City of Pripyat, Ukraine

City of Pripyat© Elena Filatova © Shanomag

Pripyat is a ghost town in northern Ukraine. On April 27, 1986, after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the government ordered people in the surrounding area to evacuate and not to bring anything.

To avoid mass panic, everyone was promised to be able to return home as soon as possible. Today, the city is considered relatively safe to visit, and there are a number of tourists joining tours to explore around.

6. Ship to SS America

Ship SS America

Ship SS America© Johannes Göbel © Wollex

In 1941, ship SS America Entered service as a military transport and renamed the USS West Point. Years after the war, the SS America was converted into a passenger vehicle. By 1980, the new owner of this ship converted it into a prison.

In 1994, the USS West Point sailed into a storm in the Atlantic and ran aground near the coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. After that, the crew on board was rescued by helicopter.

5. Island Discovery, Florida, USA

Discovery Island, Florida, USA

Discovery Island© Sam Howzit © BestofWDW

Discovery Island was built in the Walt Disney World park in Florida in 1974. It has become an attractive tourist destination as visitors can admire the many local animals. In 1999, this site was closed and abandoned until now.

4. Hotel del Salto, Bogota, Colombia

Hotel del Salto, Bogota, Colombia

Hotel del Salto© ArturoAparicio © Pedro Felipe

Hotel del Salto Bogota in the city of Bogota was closed in the early 1990s due to prolonged construction and reduced visitor numbers to the area. However, some rumors suggest that the hotel is the site of the suicides and that the place is haunted.

3. Beelitz military hospital, Brandenburg, Germany

Beelitz military hospital, Brandenburg, Germany

Beelitz Army Hospital© qbanez © apples.fritz123

During World War I, the German fascist army used it Beelitz military hospital as the largest health care center for soldiers. This work was occupied by the Soviet Red Army from the end of 1945 until 1995. Adolf Hitler used to be one of the famous patients being treated here. Locals and tourists say that the space around the hospital is very dark and mysterious.

2. Castle Miranda, Celles, Belgium

Miranda Castle, Celles, Belgium

Miranda Castle© Bert Kaufmann © Sten Ceulemans

Gothic castle This project was completely abandoned in 1991, because the cost of remodeling this project was too high and could not attract investors. Director of the famous American TV series “Hannibal“chose this castle as the setting for the movie.

1. Power plant of Charleroi, Belgium

The power plant of Charleroi, Belgium© Stephane Gaudry

In 2006, the Green Peace Foundation published a number of negative reports on this power plant. The report claims that the plant emits a large amount of emissions, accounts for 10% of the Belgian CO2 gas. Therefore, even in 2007, this factory had to be closed and abandoned to this day.


Train San Jose of Spain© AZERTAC

Lying deep on the ocean floor, the San Jose ship of Spain Maybe not many of us know it. But if you dare to dive and admire this beauty, you can find gold, silver, gems and jewels collected in the colonies of South America that this ship once carried. However, beware of ghosts on board!

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Having fun!


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