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8 US Navy survival tips that can save your life someday

In this world, what the hell can happen, and although undesirable, anyone can fall into danger at any time. Therefore, equipping yourself with a few secrets of survival will never be redundant, even they can save your friend one day.

Here are 8 survival tips of the Navy SEALs, the US special task force, helping them increase the survival rate on duty so you absolutely can safely learn to follow.

1. When tied under water

If you think a person who was thrown into the sea with his hands and feet tied, he will be dead. However, after reviewing the naval handling of SEALs below, you will know how to survive in that dangerous situation.

Specifically, in that situation, you need to dive straight to the bottom of the boat to jump to the surface. Once you’ve reached the surface of the water, bend your knees and bend your back to keep the head afloat to maintain the ability to float. Stay calm, control your breathing so that more air gets into your lungs to help your body become a natural buoy.

How to handle when tied underwater

2. When you fall into a swamp or have to swim through a mud-filled lagoon

When you fall into a swamp or have to swim through a mud-filled lagoon

In this situation, it will be very difficult to swim normally. To be able to move in that environment, you should keep your posture bent back, head up to get air faster and accumulate them in the lungs more.

3. How to find clean water when you get lost in the mountains

Find clean water

If you are in the situation, get lost in the mountains with no drinking water. At that time, one of the most important things was to find water. To find water, go down the slope, which is the direction of the water.

4. Do not light a fire in the cave

You may have seen a lost person find a small cave, gather firewood and light a cozy shelter. However, if you do so in real life, you may have to pay. When burning a fire in the cave, the ceiling will heat up, causing it to expand and cause landslides. If you find a cave the size of a building, you should light a fire inside. To set fire, find an open space outdoors to ensure safety.

5. When you get lost, look for gutters, small streams

When you get lost, look for gutters, small streams

Small ditches and streams will flow into larger rivers. Following it, you will probably find areas inhabited.

However, this secret of survival when lost is not always applicable. Depending on the length of the river, it may take weeks to find a place to live. The best course of action when you are not sure about the geography of the area is to stay where you are in trouble and wait. It was the first location the rescue team searched for.

6. When the bomb explodes

When the bomb exploded

The war has ended long ago so facing a bomb is something most people never thought of. However, if you encounter such a situation, what you should do is to lie on the floor, legs crossed, hands covering the head and especially wide open mouth. If an object falls on you, such a posture will increase your chances of survival. Open your mouth wide to reduce pressure, helping your lungs and eardrum to avoid bursting from the blast.

7. How to handle cold burns

How to handle cold burns

“Frostbite” – injured tissues when a part of the body is exposed to very low temperatures. If severe, cold burns can cause the affected part to become necrotic, leading to subsequent removal. How to handle cold burns is to warm the surrounding area first, then use a cloth soaked in warm water and gently apply to the burned area. Never immerse the affected area directly in warm water, which will make you worse.

8. Always carry a wax matchbox at the beginning

Always carry a waxed matchbox at the top

Fire is extremely important in critical situations and should always be a top priority when navigating SEALs. Ideally, matches in metal cans, or waxed at the top of each stick if it were paper or plastic boxes to make sure they didn’t get wet if dropped into the water.

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