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8 apps to help you find cheap flight tickets

The end of the year is a beautiful time when many people often spend more money on travel as a gift for the whole year. Therefore, at the time when the flight prices to tourist destinations soared, the opportunity to find cheap fares was almost impossible. So, if you are planning to make a trip at the end of the year, please refer to the cheap flight booking app right now.

The first rule when looking for cheap airline tickets is always patient and flexible choice. It will be difficult when you always keep yourself a fixed standard of flight date and airline, but if you can be flexible, you will easily find more affordable fares. You should also check prices in different places before making a buying decision.

1. Kiwi

A relatively new name on the market, this application searches over 700 airlines to find you the best fare. The highlight is that this application not only looks for, it also designs the flight to transit to 2 separate airlines, to prevent your flight at the best price. What most other search applications find difficult to accomplish. In addition, this application also offers suggestions of other airport stops that are cheaper than the original choice.

2. Skyscanner

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Developed on both web and application platforms, Skyscanner is a familiar application that compares hundreds of flights across the country and internationally, allowing users to combine flights from different airlines for the best price. Easy-to-use interface makes it easy to see, compare prices and cheap fares of the month even on expensive holidays.

3. Hopper

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This application also helps you to analyze and review when the fare is lowest, and send you notifications. In addition, the Watch This Trip feature helps predict the price will change. If you are flexible on your trip, this may be the app that saves you a lot, you can consider, or decide to wait for another day so the price may be lower.

4. Hipmunk

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If you are the one who prioritizes convenience, comfort and price, Hipmunk is the right choice. This application considers many criteria, evaluating such as how many stops, punctual performance of airlines, … to give the flight route is not necessarily the cheapest but the most convenient and most comfortable compared to for the price. According to them, saving a few tens of dollars is not worth it if you have to spend too much time waiting between flights. You can also customize your own criteria and Hipmunk will do its best to help you. So if you're looking for a free WiFi flight, try that with Hipmunk.

5. Momondo

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Like most other apps on the list, Momondo allows you to view price options to choose the best price flight, Momondo will support refunds if within 24 hours after booking you find a discount. better. The interesting feature of the application is that the "Anywhere Search" feature is suitable for those who just want to "pick up their backpack and go" regardless of where the destination is, this will be the assistant to help you find a strange place. at an extremely affordable price on this holiday.

6. Travelzoo

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The advantage of Travelzoo lies in its own offers that you can't look elsewhere. In addition, this app is useful for your entire trip from booking tickets, booking rooms, renting cars and even suggesting schedules as well as providing deals to restaurants and places to visit in your destination.

7. Kayak

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Similar to the apps on the list, Kayak displays air fares that best match your criteria. With an easy-to-use design interface, the application allows you to track the flight status of your interest, and notify when fares change. In addition, Kayak also supports organizing trip suggestions, giving you the most suitable schedule, with special offers not found in other applications.

8. Hitlist

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The application helps you search flight prices and support tracking and updating flight prices. In addition, you can also discover hot and popular places that people are searching for. Although this Hitlist is free, there is a more advanced version of the app that sells for $ 3 / month allowing you to enjoy exclusive member-only offers, and check out the useful personal schedule archive. .

What about you, which app do you usually find to buy airline tickets? (Rubi Lee)

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