7 ways to take advantage of Google Forms

7 ways to take advantage of Google Forms

Google Forms is a fast, easy-to-use online tool that has many great uses when you need to get information from many people.

Besides collecting information, Google Forms can also process photos, videos and files that you can include in the form and allow respondents to upload files in their responses. The benefit of this is that you do not have to tally the answers on paper. Better yet, it’s completely free.

Here are a variety of different ways you can take advantage of Google Forms.

1. Survey


You can use Google Forms to create a free survey, regardless of the number of questions, designs, or answers you receive. When you create a survey, you can save it and convert it into a template for later use.

If you like, you can add questions, titles, descriptions, photos from your computer or web, videos via URL or YouTube and the survey sections by question or topic type. A color chart is also available if you want to apply color to your survey.

2. Quizzes or reviews

This can be used for business purposes. You can be a teacher or coach and want to evaluate whether your students understand the course goals and the lesson in general.

Google Forms provides forms you can use to create tests or assessments or get feedback from each student or participant.

3. Events, invitations, and registration

You are planning an event such as a wedding or party, maybe even at work or business meeting, to estimate the number of people attending. You can do all this and more with Google Forms.

4. Job requirements

Job requirements
Job requirements

Google Forms provides a simple, basic form of work order forms with information fields such as name, email address, description, and more. Type distinguish working parts or specific designations. Here, you can use short or multiple choice answers and update answers based on the business.

5. Request leave

This function helps to manage employees’ holidays, including information such as name, date and time of leave, the type of permission they recommend. There is a convenient section to help applicants describe the reason for requesting leave (optional).

6. Customer feedback

This form can be used to find feedback from customers or employees, whether it is about service, product or employee training. You can also add drop-down boxes, multiple choice answers, etc. for more details.

7. Contact form

Contact form
Contact form

This is a great way to get feedback from customers – for example if you run a company website or blog. Visitors to the site may want an easy way to connect with social or official email and the contact form is the perfect channel.

In Google Forms, you can create a contact form from scratch or use an existing form and embed it on a page to collect comments and information such as name, phone number and email address in Google Sheet.

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