7 things to know when buying a wifi transmitter for cars

7 things to know when buying a wifi transmitter for cars

In the era of technology 4.0, the demand for using the Internet is increasing even when traveling in the car. And the best solution to this need is to use a wifi transmitter on “mobile homes.”

Why is it necessary to install wifi broadcasting equipment for cars?

The first feature is convenience. You can access the Internet anytime, anywhere, without using expensive mobile 3G. If you operate a service car, the number of passengers using your car will also be higher than the car without wifi coverage. As for your own car, you will have a great relaxing time in the car whenever there is a traffic jam or work to solve when going away with friends and family.

The trend of installing wifi transmitters in cars is quite common todayThe trend of installing wifi transmitters in cars is quite common today

Wifi transmitters for cars are wireless devices and use with very good transmission speeds, compact installation and do not take up the area by compact design. If you choose good quality devices at reputable addresses, your wifi transmitter can be used for a few years without any problem.

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What is demand for use?

When deciding to use a wifi transmitter for cars, you need to find out the information, origin, product quality, refer to the evaluation of customers who have experienced the product. These are objective comments that help you make the best choice. Because the wifi transmitter is installed in the car, the demand for use only revolves around surfing the web, reading news, listening to music, watching movies … Therefore, the wifi transmitter you choose may not be too high. Like broadcasters for game shops, businesses, etc., the compact and convenient element needs to be on the top.

Determine clearly the need to use before installing the machineDetermine clearly the need to use before installing the machine

However, users also need to know carefully about the wifi transmitters sold in the market to ensure good quality: the manufacturers of current wifi transmitters all support 300 Mbps wifi, some lines Especially up to 450 Mbps.

Does the wifi transmitter use one or two bands, one beard or more antennae?

Previously, wifi transmitters required customers to choose one or two bands when setting up. However, this is no longer a problem because the wifi transmitter has allowed both types of operating bands, including 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz band with long range coverage, so it is often used with high frequency, easy to lead to interference, slow connection. At that time, the 5 GHz band was the better solution to help stabilize the network system.

Today's wifi transmitters allow both bands to workToday’s wifi transmitters allow both bands to work

The two main functions of the wifi router are receiver and broadcast. For wifi transmitters that use a beard, both the incoming and outgoing waves will pass through an antenna. Meanwhile, the chip in the transmitter will have to handle both waves simultaneously and easily lead to network congestion. Conversely, if the wifi transmitter uses two antennae, the two streams will automatically pass through the two antennas. At that time, congestion situation is resolved. Therefore, if possible, car users should invest in a wifi transmitter with two antennae to ensure a stable connection.

Use a dual beard wifi transmitter for better transmissionUse a dual beard wifi transmitter for better transmission

Is compatibility with other devices different between devices?

Typically, devices with the same manufacturer as the wifi transmitter will give better connection quality. However, now manufacturers are also trying to improve to expand the connectivity range of devices, increasing the versatility of the product by the introduction of wifi transmitters that can connect to many common equipment. Of course, the effect will not be equal to the same equipment manufacturer.

Using devices with the same carrier with the wifi transmitter will have a better connectionUsing devices with the same carrier with the wifi transmitter will have a better connection

What is the range of the wifi router?

The transmission speed and the area inside the car are the factors that determine the connectivity of the wifi transmitter is optimal or not. Assuming that the network connection speed is over 50 MB but the wifi transmitter is at N level, the bandwidth emitted is 50 Mb, so it will be wasteful. Based on the inside area of ​​the car to use the wifi transmitter accordingly, avoid weak connection because of narrow coverage or small area but the device has too wide coverage.

Security and information security like?

It is a fact that the wifi transmitters manufactured in the last 4 years have WPA / WPA2 security. The WEP security type is considered to be old and outdated. If you use this type of security for car wifi transmitters, you can easily hack the wifi pass while parking in public areas, for example. Use WPA security. WPA2, you can be completely assured because no hacker has hacked this type of security.

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How many types of machines are there?

For wifi transmitters, a wired connection is usually faster and more stable than a wireless connection. With this device, manufacturers often install an advanced installation called QoS with user authorization function.


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