7 things iOS does better than Android, according to an Android website

There are lots of reasons why Android can beat Apple’s iOS. Google offers a more open platform, more options, flexibility and a lot of options that Android users can make. But if Android is that good, what makes iOS users drawn to iPhone and iPad? Let’s find out the answer to this question in the article below. Here are 7 things iOS does better than Android, compiled by the Android website itself, AndroidAuthority.
7 things iOS does better than Android, according to an Android website

1. iOS is usually faster and smoother

If you have used iPhone / iPad, you will easily feel the smooth, strange stability of the iOS platform. From daily tasks to heavy workloads are handled smoothly on iOS. This sounds ridiculous for people who have never used iOS before when the specifications of the iPhone are not much higher than Android smartphones, especially RAM. iPhone 11 Pro Max is Apple’s most powerful smartphone at the moment CPU A13 6 cores but only 4GB RAM. However, with only 4GB of RAM, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can easily beat many other Android smartphones equipped with 8GB of RAM, even 12GB of RAM.

The truth is that iPhone specifications are not very high compared to Android smartphones of the time. However, in fact, to optimize the best hardware, the best is to mention the iOS. AndroidAuthority’s writer recently also tested the new Snapdragon 865 with the A13 chip on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and as a result Qualcomm’s new chipset beat the A13 in almost all tests except the GPU. This is a significant leap forward for Qualcomm, but we also have to remember that Apple’s A13 chip was launched last year and will be 6 months old after the first smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 865 appears on the market.
Whether or not Apple’s processor is better, the most important thing is that iOS is optimized to work perfectly with the devices Apple makes. Meanwhile, Android is installed on a lot of different devices from smartphones, tablets, smart TVs. Apple’s closed ecosystem helps tighter management, which is why iPhones don’t need super-powerful specs and can still beat many Android flagships.

2. iOS is very simple to use

The majority of iPhone users are people who like simplicity and ease, and maybe that’s what iOS is better than Android. There is not much on iOS, users can not scratch and fix the iPhone and that is part of the appeal. Many iPhone users do not want a smartphone to be customized too much, to work well, a smooth interface and easy to use is okay for them. That’s why iOS has been so successful.

With iOS, users can not arrange icons at will, can not install more themes, applications from outside but only very simple settings. But the experience on the iPhone is quite similar, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone 11, iPad Pro or any device in Apple’s product line. The intuitive iOS experience brings stability, smoothness and ease of use for all users.

3. Always be updated quickly

Software updates are definitely what iOS does better than Android. If your iOS device is eligible for the latest update, it will receive as soon as the update comes out. In addition, the update capability of iPhone and iPad devices is always longer than Android smartphones, such as the iPhone 5s, although it has been updated to iOS 12 in 2013.

Google only provides you with direct updates for its Pixel product line, while other Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi have to customize the updates themselves before they are released to users. This makes the difference between the update and the time between the updated smartphones different.

4. Apple ecosystem

This is a force that keeps many users loyal to the iOS platform. Regardless of Apple’s products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, and Macbook work closely with iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and other internal services. Although the Google side also, works quite dark, but the constraint to Android users is very few, it can be used without using it.

Speaking of app stores, Apple’s App Store manages apps and games much better than the Google Play ‘marketplace’. Developers who want their apps to appear on the App Store must follow and undergo various tests from Apple, which usually takes several months, but censored applications always produce good quality. Best. Google Play is the opposite, as long as you know how to create applications, games and even deceptive software can be posted to Google Play. For easy comparison, the App Store is like a high-end supermarket and Google Play is like a market.

5. iOS is more secure

iOS is always better than Android in terms of security when this is a closed platform instead of an open platform like Android. In addition, the quick update policy keeps all iOS devices in a higher security state with fewer vulnerabilities.

6. Better customer support

AppleCare can be expensive, but it makes it easier to get warranty and insurance claims for iOS devices. If you already have a local Apple Store, you can quickly exchange for new devices.
The Apple Store has created a unique look that many other retailers have tried to copy. Open design appeals to you as soon as you step in. A large number of employees are on hand to help you with any purchase issues. They even have classes to teach you how to use Apple devices and how to get good post-purchase support.

7. Keep prices better when reselling

This is not exactly one of the things iOS does better than Android, but it is a market advantage that Apple is having. iPhones, iPads and other Apple products often hold their value much better than Android products. This means you can sell them at a high price if you need a phone or simply need money. And because Apple products are so popular, they also often sell much faster.
iPhone XS Max was launched in September 2018 with a starting price of $ 1,099. A basic used iPhone XS Max is currently priced around $ 400- $ 500 on eBay. This means you can get up to 45% of the original value of the phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 9, meanwhile, was released in August 2018 for $ 1,000 (for a 128 GB base version), but used machines sold on eBay from $ 250 to about $ 350. will be about 35% of the original value.
All of these factors combined make it harder for an attacker to target an iOS user.

According to Androidauthority


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