7 questions to ask when encountering a difficult decision in life
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7 questions to ask when encountering a difficult decision in life

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When you are faced with a difficult decision in your life, sometimes you will feel “paralyze“Nervous and not knowing what you should do. When you are stressed or trying to deal with an awkward situation, you may wonder your reason and worry that your decision has been made.” really right or not

A tough decision is sure to have a lot of questions being asked and you need to ask yourself some questions to find out if your decision was really right, whether you made it. Optimal solution to this problem. Here it is 7 questions you need to ask yourself before making a tough decision in your life. Invite you to consult!

1. If you don’t do this now, will you regret it later?

If you don't do this now, will you regret it later?

You need to consider the long-term effects of the decisions you make, because you definitely won’t want to feel regret about something in the future, right? However, it is equally important to consider if you do not do that what will happen. Don’t let great opportunities go away just because you can’t make the big decisions in life. Ask yourself what you will gain or lose after making those decisions in the long term.

2. What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

It is often difficult for people to make decisions out of fear that something might happen after each choice they make. Some are afraid of failure, some are afraid of success. So whether fear or yourself is the main factor before making difficult decisions in life.

3. What does your heart tell you?

What does your heart tell you?

Your own instincts are the right things, so don’t make a decision that doesn’t suit your own ego. Temporarily remove unnecessary guidelines, advice and judgments from othersAsk yourself what you really want and listen to your most sincere desires.

4. What is the main purpose of this?

What is the main purpose of this?

The best decision you can make is associates orientation with the end goal. If your ultimate goal is to have a stable life and care for your family, then make that bigger decision to buy a home, or maybe step closer to your goals. However, if you have goals like traveling around the world, then buying a home is no longer suitable for your goals. So keep clear goals in mind when making big decisions.

5. Who are you doing this for?

Who are you doing this for?

Don’t let other people’s problems or advice undermine your decision. Consider the interests of others, but don’t sacrifice your own needs and desires just to please them. Fairly acknowledge what your choices will do for you and others in a difficult life.

6. Will you cherish yourself after this decision?

Will you love yourself after this decision?

Any of us when faced with difficult decisions wants to find a solution that forgets our feelings. If you do not think carefully and make the final decision, you may hate yourself when making that decision. Once you make an assertive decision, you also run the risk of losing your self-esteem. So it should be carefully consider your feelings before making a choice.

7. Can you face that outcome?

Can you face that outcome?

Each decision you make will create a different situation and you will be the one to deal with it. A tough decision in life has many solutions. Which path you choose can affect finances, relationships, relationships, friends, and career. Think carefully whether you can face the end result, and how will you choose to deal with it?

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