7 most romantic "kissing" works of all time 5 minutes to read

7 most romantic “kissing” works of all time 5 minutes to read

On the occasion of a day where you can only see it everywhere, it is the pink of love, iDesign would like to summarize and share with you the most favorite works of “funeral character” that “my ancestors” expressed the message ” I love you ”with extremely different styles.

01. The Kiss – Gustav Klimt (1907-1908)
Displayed at: Museum Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienne, Austria.

The Kiss (English The Kiss, original German name – Der Kuss) is a painting by the painter Gustav Klimt, and arguably his most famous work. Klimt began to work on the painting in 1907, the peak year of his ‘golden age’.
The work depicts a pair of men and women kissing, painted in golden hues and cubes, with a bronze background. The Kiss can be considered as an ingenious assertion by Klimt about sexual ideology and sexual freedom.

Klimt has a special inspiration with red-haired women, and therefore it is not surprising that the female character in Kiss has red hair. Some think that Klimt and his muse Emilie Flöge are the role models for the couple in this masterpiece. Some other opinions suggest that the woman in the painting is a model nicknamed ‘Red Hilda’, because there is a lot of evidence that she is also a model for other Klimt paintings such as’ Woman with feather boa. ‘,’ Goldfish ‘and’ Danaë ‘. She told her nephew that she was the model in The Kiss, however this also has no real evidence.

02. The Kiss – Francesco Hayez (1859)
Displayed at: Brera Art Gallery, Milan

The painting depicts a passionate kiss by a medieval couple. This is one of the most passionate and intense kiss symbols in the history of Western art.

03. The Kiss – Edvard Munch (1897)
Displayed at: Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

This Nordic-style painting is part of the Frieze of Life project, which focuses on the theme of life – death – love. In the picture is a couple of men and women caught between desire and fear in love.

04. Pygmalion and Galatea (French: Pygmalion et Galatée) – Jean-Léon Gérôme (1890)

The artwork is taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and depicts the sculptor Pygmalion kissing his statue of Galatea at the time Aphrodite brought her to life.

05. In bed, the Kiss – Henri de Toulouse (1892)

While most of the works portray the nightlife of the love city of Paris, several others offer glimpses of intimate scenes like In Bed, The Kiss.

Painted in 1892, an oil painting depicts a passionate bed kiss between two women. There is speculation that the main character in the painting is two women selling flowers in Paris, one of which is the muse in Toulouse-Lautrec’s series. Like the artist’s other brothel paintings, ‘In Bed, The Kiss’ characterizes the lives of these women. The special feature of the work, however, is the true feeling expressed through the frame, under the author’s powerful and energetic nib, in addition to the art of using color with expressive power.

06. The Birthday – Marc Chagall (1915)

The work was painted by Chagall in 1915 just weeks before he and Bella married. The painting is a wonderful expression of the great, flowing, and strong love that the two have shared. The image of Chagall is flowing and dreaming, hovering over Bella’s head.

Bella is depicted holding a cheerful bouquet of flowers and is also floating in the air. The couple are floating in loving happiness in the bright living room scene with the main theme of the brilliant red carpet below.

The painting is a miraculous creation that strongly conveys a sense of euphoric love between young couples in a normal but filled with happiness.

07. The lovers – René Magritte (1928)

René Magritte is a famous Belgian painter of surrealism. Perhaps that is why, the love in his paintings is shown in a mysterious way.

In the 1928 painting “The Lovers”, the painter Magritte drew a kiss, but strangely, the man and the girl were covered with a layer of cloth. He often lets the viewer find the meaning of the mysteries for themselves.

There were many opinions about “The Lovers” strange kiss. Some people think that the picture shows loneliness in love. Even at the height of love, boys and girls are separated in their own world.

Editor: Nam Vu

Source: Hoang Mi, Me Tranh

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