7 most common back shoulder exercises when working out

7 most common back shoulder exercises when working out

The following article introduces 10 shoulder exercises Following popular for the gymer set to have the most perfect shoulders.

After mastering the exercises with the main muscle groups, the gymer will start to learn and experience the shoulder muscle exercises, they are usually the exercises that gradually increase the difficulty. Usually, guys often practice shoulder exercises than girls. Shoulder exercises are divided into two main groups shoulder exercises Before and after. Each group of cards has certain effects and effects on the gymer's shoulder muscles. In this article, we sum up 10 shoulder exercises posterior and very effective with the posterior shoulder muscle.

1. Bent-Over Lateral Raises

Bent-Over Lateral Raises is shoulder exercises The following is extremely effective

Bent-Over Lateral Raises is considered to be an effective exercise with the back shoulder with 2 extremely effective hand weights for muscular, toned shoulders.

  • Tools to be prepared: bar weight and weight weight appropriately
  • How to do it: The legs are spread about shoulder width apart. The torso is folded at the hips, the back is straight, the hands hold two free weights, the eyes look diagonally, keep the body steady and lift the weight to the sides. Keep going up until your arms are parallel to the ground. Then exhale, pause for a second in the top position. Slowly lower the weight to the starting position while you inhale. Implementation: 15-20 times / period.

2. Dumbbell Lying One; Arm Rear Lateral Raise:

  • Equipment to be prepared: a pair of suitable single weights, a sloping chair
  • Perform the movement: Lie on a sloping chair, and hold the weight with one hand. Need to put your chest close to the chair, legs spread out to keep your body, arms slightly shrinking, close to the hips. Then, you need to use your back force to lift the weight back to the end. Continue holding the weight for 1 second in the highest position, exhale, then return the weight to the original position, and inhale. Perform 15-20 times / inning.

3. Selectorized Deltoids Rear

Selectorized Deltoids Rear is a joint exercise that is completely worked on the shoulder muscle

Selectorized Deltoids Rear is considered an exercise that has a general effect on the shoulder muscles and a little to the back.

  • Tools to be prepared: exercise machine
  • Do this: Breathe in at the same time with the shoulder muscles, hold the 2 horizontal handles and shoulders extended until you feel the back and back muscles are maximally held for about 1 second and exhale. Then slowly close your arms, breathe in, exhale. Implementation: 10-12 times / period.

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<h2><i><span style=4. Barbell Upright Rows

Barbell Upright Rows is an exercise that is considered to be a good exercise for the group of shoulder and shoulder muscles.

  • Tools to be prepared: 1 bar weight and appropriate weight.
  • How to do it: Stand upright, your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the bar at a distance so that your hands are narrower than your shoulders, arms stretched, and your elbows slightly bent. Then, at the same time exhale, lift the bar with your shoulders and lift your elbow to the side. Note keeping the bar close to the body while lifting. Lift the bar high until touching the chin and elbow should move and higher than the arm. Keep your body steady, stopping for about 1 second in the top position. Finally inhale and lower the bar slowly to the starting position. Implementation: 15 times / period.

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<h2><i><span style=5. Pull the cable back to the shoulder set:

Reverse cabling exercise is considered to be an exercise that focuses primarily on the head of the back shoulder muscle (few you do).

  • Tools to be prepared: cables and appropriate weights
  • How to do it: Select the right weights, hold the cable tightly in both hands, the right hand holds the left cable, and the left hand holds the right cable, the back is straight and the eyes are straight, the right foot steps up, the left leg is facing down. Use both hands to pull the cable back in and out, return the cable slowly to its original position and breathe in. Implementation: 15 times / period.

6. Cable Upright Row

  • How to do it: Hold your hand inside, hold your body slightly backward, elbows slightly bent, take a deep breath, squeeze your shoulder muscles, pull the weight up, exhale and hold for about 1 beat. Then return to the original position.

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<h2><i><span style=7. Face Pull:

  • How to do it: Choose the right amount of weight, then stand in front of the pulley, grip each end of the rope tightly, place palms facing each other, lift elbows to shoulders, to sides, and place one foot on knee pad, Lay your body back so that your body is at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Keeping your elbows high, pull the string toward your face until your hands are at your ear. Finally slowly return the cable to its original position and breathe in.

Pay attention when doing shoulder exercises: you need to provide your body with adequate and reasonable energy both before and after training because the back shoulder exercises are quite heavy. This is 10 shoulder exercises After the gym is most popular and for those who have already mastered other exercises, especially for men who want a strong shoulder. After that, you can refer to shoulder exercises to get a perfect shoulder after the previous exercises if you feel you still have enough energy. Wish the gymer got heavy on here

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