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7 important items about to be completely wiped out in modern cars

A lot of equipment that has shaped a car in the minds of many people is about to disappear before the stormy flow of technological progress.

Vietnam was a closed economy until the 90s of the last century. Consequently, the cars of the past were often very poorly equipped. Safety features like the airbag or the ABS anti-lock braking system are very strange things.

However, the big turning point took place in the 2000s when mainstream cars began to feature power windows, air conditioning and power steering, at least as an option. This was also the period when advanced features began to shift from premium car brands to more affordable brands.

As automobile technology becomes more modern, the starting equipment is also becoming more modern and some of the familiar items below will gradually disappear without many people.

Mechanical driving watch

mechanical watches

Mechanical driving watches (analog) have existed since the very first cars. They will now have to make room for LED screens or digital steering gauges. Thanks to technological advances, electronic driving watches are more reliable and accurate than conventional mechanical watches. They are also capable of much more intuitive vehicle performance reporting.

Antennas on the roof of the car

antenna on the roof

Antennae on the roof of a car used to be a familiar device. However, the downside of antennas is that they are easily broken and not very eye-catching. Therefore, this equipment has been gradually replaced by the fish-fin antenna or the antenna sticking on the windshield.

Traditional gear lever

Traditional gear lever

If you are a speed enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy a smooth gearshift and the excitement of perfect gearshifting on the road. But most users today buy a car as a means of commuting, which leads to automakers preferring automatic transmission because they are easy to get used to. As we’ve seen on automatic transmissions over the years, the only job left for a shift lever is to change the mode. Furthermore, some manufacturers have even replaced the gear lever with a dial or simple buttons. As the car market moves toward an electrified future, the traditional gear lever will certainly disappear without a trace.

Physical buttons

physical buttons

In recent years, automakers are embracing a minimalist style and minimizing the number of physical buttons on the dashboard. Functions in cars are now controlled by flat buttons or responsive touch screens. Many Mercedes-Benz models also feature a dozen-inch home screens for controlling the air-conditioning, sunroof, music, and more.

Air conditioning manual controls

air conditioner

Today, only a few cheap cars on the market are equipped with manual air conditioning. Most of us are familiar with dual-zone automatic air conditioning that comes standard on all models. Modern technologies even allow you to remotely adjust the temperature in your car through your smartphone.

Hand brake

hand brake

Raising the handbrake slightly and pushing it down is a habit of many drivers. But all that will soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of the electronic parking brake (available on the Hyundai Creta 2020). It uses the motor on each brake clamp to force the brake pads into the disc. Cabin space will be significantly more spacious when the handbrake is transferred to the outside.

Drum brake

drum brake

Almost every car sold a few years ago has a front-wheel disc brake. However, most of them still use drum brakes in the back. However, according to the general trend, cars will have disc brakes on all four wheels as either a basic item or an option.



Many newer car models allow the remote door opening / closing via a smartphone or smartwatch and turning the physical key into a useless accessory. More popular car models also have a smartkey and a very convenient keyfold. Recently, Hyundai also introduced NFC (near-range communication) on smartphones and Bluetooth to open the door as quickly as possible. In a short time, the physical keys on the car will be completely killed by the car manufacturers.


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