7 great 'illustrative resources' resources to use on your own website design projects 6 minutes to read

7 great ‘illustrative resources’ resources to use on your own website design projects 6 minutes to read

There are a lot of things involved in a good website design – from user experience, choice of typefaces, to the overall layout, etc.But did you know that using illustrations is also an extreme way Effective period to drive traffic every day and add human emotion to their overall experience?

While stock photos can be useful sometimes, there’s nothing special like a nice illustration to add personality and style to your homepage, landing page, infographic or any website. do you want your customers to access. iDesign understands that as a web designer sometimes you may not have the full skills to create your own custom illustrations, however that doesn’t mean design. Your website must lack visual appeal.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 resources that provide a variety of illustrations, each one that fits into with today’s typical web design trends. All of the design resources below have a free download option, although in some cases you’ll have to purchase the original vector file for additional optional tweaks. Have fun walking through these 7 resources and get inspired by them to create your own beautifully illustrated websites!

01. Ouch!

The individuals at Icons8 created Ouch! Provides beautiful product illustrations to spice up your look. Grouped by different types of illustrations, you can choose and get exactly the look you are trying to create for your own website design.

  • Free: PNG files for personal and commercial use. Mandatory refers to the authority to use.
  • To buy: Original vector files for all illustrations.

02. Absurd

Absurd is a project started by Diana Valeanu. This girl’s illustrations are really great if you are looking for a hand drawn black – white look. The illustrations here are also quite abstract, meaning that they can be interpreted and used for a variety of messages that you want to visually convey.

  • Free: 11 illustrations in PNG format. Mandatory refers to the authority to use.
  • To buy: Unlimited vector illustrations (SVG format) for personal and commercial use. No need to mention the authority to use. Includes color versions.

03. Stubborn

Stubborn is a customizable illustration creator created by Craftwork. With their tools, you can create custom characters and backgrounds using their existing elements to mix and match. It’s easy to create and quickly illustrate the perfect context for your website.

  • Free: A wide selection of vector graphics (compatible with Figma and Sketch) to combine and customize as you like.
  • To buy: Unlimited access to thousands of vector illustrations and other high-quality UI / UX sets.

04. Whoosh

Looking for some super colorful, flat style illustrations? Whoosh provides these types of illustrations for a wide variety of product designs – ecommerce, delivery services, social platforms, etc.You can thank the people at LSTORE for their organic design resources. this useful!

  • Free: Unlimited PNG Download. Mandatory refers to the authority to use.
  • To purchase: Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD files for personal and commercial use – no attribution required.

05. Charco Illustrations

Bangalore-based designer Karthik Srinivas has generously created Charco, a set of free illustrations for your website and app projects. His graphic suite includes themes for 404 pages, failing connections, no services, and building to name. We love the hand-drawn and abstract styles!

  • Free: Set of 16 illustrations in PNG file format. Free for personal and commercial use.
  • Buy: Photoshop (PSD file) so you can customize the illustrations.

06. Humaaans

Humaaans is a free illustration library created by Pablo Stanley. But unlike most other illustration libraries, it specifically offers fully customizable human illustrations! The best part here is that this platform has a lot of content combined so you can create just about any person you are envisioning. Designers have complete control over the illustrations from combining different body parts, positions, colors, clothing, hairstyles and even some background.

  • License: This resource is 100% free for both personal and commercial use. Mandatory refers to the authority to use.

07. UnDraw

Use UnDraw to find illustrations that match your website theme and color scheme. That’s right – you can enter any hex color code you want and UnDraw will create a set of illustrations to match your color needs. Here are some Dribbble Shots showing examples of illustrations that you can download from UnDraw! Created by Katerina Limpitsouni.

  • License: Free for personal and commercial projects. There is no need to mention the authority to use.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: dribbble

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