7-Eleven Vietnam reduced 25% of bad debt thanks to Domo - VnReview cloud platform

7-Eleven Vietnam reduced 25% of bad debt thanks to Domo – VnReview cloud platform

US cloud software company Domo announced that 7-Eleven Vietnam has chosen Domo's cloud-based platform to integrate data of its entire convenience store chain, from warehouse to point of sale. into a "unique source of information".

The advanced features of Domo platform have helped 7-Eleven Vietnam, operated by Seven Systems Vietnam Joint Stock Company, reduce bad debt costs by about 25% by identifying ineffective activities, copper optimizing operating processes for the entire operation of this fast growing retailer.

Since opening the first stores in 2017, 7-Eleven Vietnam has grown rapidly, with more than 2 locations opening every month on average. With many convenience stores, warehouses and other systems running simultaneously, 7-Eleven Vietnam recognizes that they need to have a focused and unified view of all their data to grow. Business effectively in the long term. The retailer's IT team also seeks a faster and more intuitive way to understand consumer trends from its data warehouse, thereby helping to make timely decisions in a business environment. extremely active.

Mr. Vu Thanh Tu, CEO, Seven Systems Vietnam, said: "Domo helped us integrate all data of stores as well as logistics together, and visualize it in a single control panel easily. easy access, allowing us to identify inefficient and costly operations in just a few hours, instead of weeks as before, this platform has not only been proven to be simple and easy to deploy Access from any device, but it also helps us understand the trend of real-time supply and demand in our ever-changing business operations with greater reliability and clarity. ”

7-Eleven Vietnam has used Domo to improve delivery accuracy, reduce overload and waste, and increase the efficiency of increased sales (upsell) in their store system. across the country, enabling enhanced customer experience by eliminating inefficient processes and associated costs throughout their convenience store chain. The retailer is planning to expand its deployment and access the Domo platform to other business indicators, such as financial data and measure sales performance at their convenience stores.

Mr. Tu added: "Domo's comprehensive data feature allows us not only to know more about our internal activities, but also to understand our customers' habits and preferences, from there. We continually improve the quality of products and services that we offer and we believe that data has brought us a very important competitive advantage to maintain high growth rates. to gain a bigger market share, and we will expand the deployment of Domo to 7 other part of 7-Eleven's technological ecosystem in the near future ".

With a collection of more than 1000 data-connected devices, Domo easily collects information from a variety of sources, gathered in a single platform for 7-Eleven Vietnam to observe, analyze and optimize. business operations from anywhere, anytime and with any device. Domo's platform also uses machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to get deeper data insights, and make recommendations and warnings for business decision makers. more effective for businesses.


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