7 best calendar apps in Microsoft Store

7 best calendar apps in Microsoft Store

As the Microsoft Store continues to grow and improve, users have more options for apps than ever before.

Today, Quantrimang.com We will review some calendar applications with you. What calendar applications should you use to increase productivity, remember birthdays or to manage time more effectively? Certainly, there are many choices. But do not worry! The article will introduce you to the best calendar apps in Microsoft Store. Find out right here!

What is the best calendar app in the Microsoft Store?

  • 1. Mail and Calendar
  • 2. My Calendar
  • 3. One Calendar
  • 4. Ink Calendar
  • 5. Good Plan
  • 6. EasyMail for Gmail
  • 7. Game Calendar

1. Mail and Calendar

Mail and Calendar

We cannot mention other solutions, but ignore Microsoft’s own Mail and Calendar application.

If you depend on a lot of apps in the Microsoft suite, it’s one of the best calendar apps you’ll find. Although with a single download, Mail and Calendar will appear as two separate applications on your Windows computer. You cannot install one without the other.

For some users, the Calendar application is optimized for Exchange. You will get rich support features for meeting and managing your schedule.

In addition, you also have the option to change the default font of the application, Dark Mode, touch screen support and gestures, calendar types other than the calendar, as well as event dragging. and drop.

Download Mail and Calendar (Free).

2. My Calendar

My Calendar

My Calendar is a lightweight calendar application for Windows 10. It offers all the features you would expect, including day, week, and month views, toggle buttons to hide and display specific calendars. able and a variety of customization options.

However, the application really shines thanks to its Live Tiles feature.

You can set different cells and customize them to display different things (for example, business meetings, birthdays, national holidays, etc.). That means you can view all your information at a glance from the Start menu without opening the application.

My Calendar has a complete task management feature with customizable categories. All your tasks are accessible from within the Microsoft Store app, but it is only available in the Pro version.

The Pro version also removes ads, adds multiple calendar views (by day, year or schedule) and lets you add photos to your birthday calendar.

Download My Calendar (Free, Pro version available).

3. One Calendar

One Calendar

One Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Windows, thanks to the impressive number of third-party vendors it supports. This list of third-party providers includes Outlook, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365, Facebook, iCloud calendars via Webcal and CalDAV.

5 available views (day, week, month, year and schedule). My Calendar does not lock any of these views and requires users to pay. You can easily switch between different views using the Semantic Zoom feature, just scroll the mouse wheel to move between different time frames.

You can also configure the information displayed on the application. To change the look, choose one of the more than 170 themes available.

You can also work offline. In addition, One Calendar is also available on Android and iOS, thus providing you with a seamless experience on all devices.

Download One Calendar (Free, In-App Purchases).

4. Ink Calendar

Ink Calendar

Ink Calendar is worth considering if you like using Windows Ink. For those who don’t know, Windows Ink is a Windows feature that allows you to use a digital pen (or your finger) to take notes, write and edit text, annotate PDF files, and so on. .

Ink Calendar is the closest option to the paper calendar you’ll find in the Microsoft Store. When you create a handwritten note on the screen, the app can read the text, understand it anytime you mention it, and add an appointment to other third-party calendar apps like Outlook and Google. You can also switch from Ink Calendar to the default Windows calendar application with one click.

The app allows you to draw and write in a variety of colors, providing highlight features and the ability to customize things like wallpapers, themes, and light / dark modes.

Note: You can set up Windows Ink by going to the section Start> Settings> Devices> Pen & Windows Ink.

Download Ink Calendar ($ 4.99 / 115,000 VND, free trial version).

5. Good Plan

Good Plan

If you are looking for the best Windows calendar for educational purposes, you should consider Good Plan. This application is ideal for students, teachers and even parents.

Good Plan has a few core features that appeal to students, teachers and even parents.

For example, teachers will appreciate the lesson planning feature with homework timetables and integrated exams. Students can activate their schedule to ensure they are always at the right classroom and at the right time. And parents can keep track of their child’s assignments, classes and holidays.

Download Good Plan (Free, premium version available).

6. EasyMail for Gmail

EasyMail for Gmail

One of the biggest drawbacks to using Google’s calendar service on Windows is the lack of a desktop-specific application.

Google has firmly refused to create desktop apps for its other popular services, so it looks like the situation won’t change anytime soon.

One of the best workarounds is to use EasyMail for Gmail.

This application allows you to access Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Tasks in a single interface. You can access different calendar views, create events, accept or reject appointments, and invite others to your event.

EasyMail for Gmail also supports account switching. If you have a personal Google account and a G Suite account at work, you can switch between them with just one click. You can add up to 5 accounts.

Download EasyMail for Gmail (Free, In-app purchase offer).

7. Game Calendar

Game Calendar

The article ends with a hint for hardcore gamers. Game Calendar will help you keep up with the latest games on all of your favorite platforms. You can use it to see upcoming releases and release dates after years or set reminders for upcoming new titles.

It also provides video clips from games, game information, and the latest trailers. You can even sync your own game library to the cloud for maximum integration.

Download Game Calendar (Free).

Remember, the 7 apps reviewed in this article are the best calendar apps in the Microsoft Store. There are dozens of other calendar applications worth recommending on other operating systems and on the web.

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Wish you find yourself a suitable choice!


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