7 Apple Pencil accessories not to be missed

7 Apple Pencil accessories not to be missed

For anyone with a compatible iPad, the Apple Pencil is a must-have accessory. The stylus designed by Apple is perfect for everyday note taking and more creative tasks like sketching or drawing.

Today, Quantrimang.com will mention 7 Apple Pencil accessories to make this pen more awesome.

Which Apple Pencil accessory must have?

  • What about second-generation Apple Pencil?
  • 1. Charger / Stand for TechMatte Apple Pencil
  • 2. Apple Pencil case of Catalyst
  • 3. Twelve South’s Apple Pencil PencilSnap case
  • 4. Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand
  • 5. Real wooden case for Apple Pencil of Toast
  • 6. PencilCozy Apple Pencil cover protection device
  • 7. iPad and Apple Pencil 2-in-1 charger cable of Dreamvasion

What about second-generation Apple Pencil?

Just to note, all of the accessory options in this article are for the first-generation Apple Pencil, compatible with every iPad Pro, except for the 2018 version. They are also compatible with the 2018 iPad.

The second generation Apple Pencil has been heavily redesigned. Compatible only with 2018 iPad Pro models, the stylus attaches magnetically to the edge of the tablet to pair and charge. Due to the built-in charging system, at the time of writing, no accessories were available for that model.

1. Charger / Stand for TechMatte Apple Pencil

Reference price: $ 13.99 (325,000 VND)

Charger / Stand for TechMatte Apple Pencil

One of Apple’s Pencil’s most unpopular features is charging. After removing the easily-lost lid, you’ll find a Lightning connector. Apple intends to charge (and pair) the stylus by inserting it into the iPad’s Lightning port. Often ignored or lost male-to-female Lightning cable adapters are also included in the Apple Pencil. However, in actual use, neither of these options makes much sense.

Thankfully, there are several charging accessories available to make that chore a lot easier. A great choice for everyone is TechMatte’s Apple Pencil / charger product. Designed in aluminum just like Apple, this dock comes with an integrated cable for any standard USB port.

When the Apple Pencil needs charging, simply plug the Lightning plug into the dock. There is even a place to place the lid. Even if the stylus doesn’t need to be charged, simply placing the tip of the pen into the opening for the lid will mean it’s ready to use right away.

2. Apple Pencil case of Catalyst

Reference price: $ 27.99 (650,000 VND)

Catalyst Apple Pencil case

After using Apple Pencil for any period of time, you may notice two other issues. The stylus is made of a smooth material that can be difficult to hold. And because of its circular design, the stylus can easily be rolled when placed on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. But those problems will be solved with Apple Pencil products from Catalyst.

The case easily fits into the Apple Pencil and is made of silicon to make it easier to hold. The triangular shape of the product will help the stylus stay where you place it. In addition to a location to place the Lightning adapter, Catalyst also includes a universal hook so you can attach a stylus and case to a backpack or purse.

3. Twelve South’s Apple Pencil PencilSnap case

Reference price: $ 29.99 (696,000 VND)

Twelve South Pencil Apple Pencil Pencil Case

If you use magnetic iPad covers such as Apple Smart Keyboard, Apple Smart Cover, Apple Smart Folio, etc. TwelveSouth has a great solution. Apple Pencil is contained in PencilSnap and uses magnets to attach to those bags. You can also use it as a standalone case for the stylus.

Made of genuine leather, the skin is black or light brown.

4. Belkin Apple Pencil Case + Stand

Reference price: $ 23.84 (VND 552,000)

Belkin Apple Pencil case + Stand

On the go, carrying it safely with an iPad is always a good idea. Belkin Apple Pencil case + stand will help you do that. This case can contain Apple Pencil, Lightning adapter, pen cap and spare pen tip in separate compartments. The magnet section helps keep the lid firmly attached when moving.

This product can also act as a stand for Apple Pencil. Just put the pen tip into the available base.

5. Real wooden case for Apple Pencil of Toast

Reference price: $ 24.09 (VND 559,000)

Real wooden case for Toast's Apple Pencil

If you want to use Apple Pencil more seriously, Toast’s genuine wooden case for Apple Pencil is the right choice for you. A piece of leather surrounds the stylus and makes it look like a real pencil. The product has 4 different colors made from solid woods: walnut (walnut), ash, bamboo or ebony.

6. PencilCozy Apple Pencil cover protection device

Reference price: $ 2.49 (VND 58,000)

PencilCozy's Apple Pencil protective device

PencilCozy’s Apple Pencil protective device takes a simple approach to protecting the small but important part of this stylus. You can attach the cap to this protective accessory, then attach it to the Apple Pencil pen body. Whenever you need to remove the cap to charge, it will always be just a few centimeters away from the pen.

You can choose 1 of 2 different colors. The white version works perfectly with the Apple Pencil, while the glow-in-the-dark version can help you easily find the stylus in your pocket or at night. Besides, this protective device will also prevent Apple Pencil from being rolled.

7. iPad and Apple Pencil 2-in-1 charger cable of Dreamvasion

Reference price: 72,000 VND

Dreamvasion iPad and Apple Pencil 2 in 1 charger

Instead of having to choose whether you’re going to charge an iPad or Apple Pencil, this 2-in-1 Dreamvasion cable offers the perfect combination. Along with the usual Lightning plug, this cable also has an integrated Apple Pencil charger. The cable is made of nylon braid wire to increase its durability and prevent it from tangling. Cable is available in black or silver.

While the Apple Pencil is easily one of the best stylus options available, it’s not perfect. These accessories can help remove some of the drawbacks and make Apple Pencil part of the workflow on your iPad.

If Apple Pencil doesn’t appeal to you or if you’re looking for a stylus for your iPhone, you have plenty of other options. Have a look at the list of great Apple Pencil alternatives Quantrimang.com have suggested.

Wish you find yourself a suitable choice!


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