618 live broadcast of gunsmoke, Taobao practice internal power

618 live broadcast of gunsmoke, Taobao practice internal power

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Douyin and Kuaishou both want to do e-commerce. How do you think about Taobao live broadcast?

This question seems to have an answer recently.

The 618 fierce battle is in full swing, and a promotional video of a costumed martial arts produced by Taobao live broadcast is released. However, relative to the menacing coming of latecomers, Taobao Live does not seem to be impatient, but rather calm.


In just a few minutes of the film, Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, Wang Han, and Liu Tao took turns to become heroes with unique skills. They selected various products for consumers and put forward a rather interesting concept “Kung Fu Live”. “.

Obviously, this seems to be a lightweight setting, but there are other deep meanings-Taobao Live wants to tell everyone that selling goods is not just as simple as turning on the camera and filling the light. In the invisible places, the live broadcast is about the supply chain, Hard work such as product selection and logistics.

It can be said that this is also Taobao Live’s response to the so-called “live broadcast e-commerce war”.

According to data from CNNIC, as of December 2020, the number of e-commerce live broadcast users in my country has reached 388 million, an increase of 123 million compared with March of the same year, and the growth momentum is rapid; while QuestMobile’s estimates are more optimistic. The scale of users who watch live broadcasts on commercial platforms will reach 761 million in March this year, a year-on-year growth rate of 34.2%.

Consumers’ unusual enthusiasm for e-commerce live broadcasts has attracted a large number of Internet giants to deploy heavily in this field. In the first half of this year alone, Kuaishou and Douyin respectively proposed the differentiated positioning of “trust e-commerce” and “interest e-commerce”: the former highlights the trust created by the old iron ecology, and the latter emphasizes the precise distribution of interest content based on algorithms .

All of a sudden, raging was everywhere, facing the complex market structure, as the wind maker of live broadcast e-commerce, Taobao live broadcast every move has become the focus of attention of the outside world. Obviously, this short film uses “Kung Fu Live”, especially the word “Kung Fu”. Taobao Live hopes to highlight its professional product selection, operation and technical capabilities that have been deposited for many years in the mature e-commerce ecosystem.

01. “Kung Fu” behind the live broadcast

For any e-commerce platform, 618 is like a mid-term exam, it is about the status of the arena.

Especially this year, due to more short videos and other content platforms trying to cut into the e-commerce field from live broadcasts, the first e-commerce promotion in 2021 will be superimposed with a completely different meaning.

However, Taobao live broadcast did not seem to be affected by the external environment. In the first hour after midnight on June 1, the transaction volume exceeded that of the whole day last year. Breaking the previous year’s trading record so quickly, similar scenes have only appeared in the first few years of Double 11 in the past.

This undoubtedly reflects the huge growth potential of the e-commerce live broadcast industry itself. In the “2021 China Mobile Internet Spring Report” released by QuestMobile at the end of April this year, analysts mentioned that “live broadcast has become an important way for e-commerce sales, and the scale of users is realized. The rapid growth has been further promoted and applied in different industries.” The standardization and infrastructureization of e-commerce live broadcasts is particularly evident on Taobao live broadcasts.

But in the case of Taobao live broadcast, a specific set of “kung fu” is needed to support strong business growth. From the “Kung Fu Live” promotional video jointly presented by the four major e-commerce anchors, you can get a glimpse of Taobao’s current understanding of e-commerce live broadcasts.

The whole short film constructs a martial arts flourishing era parallel to reality. The four kung fu anchors took the order of 618 to bring high-quality products selected with the help of unique secrets to the Central Plains Kyushu feast to join in the grand feast.

Wei Ya plays the role of the “good shopkeeper” guarding the Western Region Wanbao Inn. It sits in a huge Wanbao warehouse, in which all kinds of rare and exotic treasures are selected by extremely high standards; Li Jiaqi is guarding the northern treasures. Mirror’s “devil and god push hand”, his nirvana is to be proficient in the voices of all girls, and thus obtain the ability to accurately dig new treasures; Wang Han plays the role of the “domestic product leader” who guards the hidden bamboo sea on the southern national highway. The quality of the place of origin was inspected to discover the genuine source of good products; while Liu Tao was the “first knife in the world” guarding the Dongtu Beihai Tibet Pass, and strictly controlled prices to bring consumers high-quality and low-cost products.

It is not difficult to find that the plot settings of the four major anchors essentially correspond to the four capabilities of e-commerce live broadcasts: Wei Ya corresponds to product selection, Li Jiaqi corresponds to consumer demand discovery, Wang Han corresponds to source supply, and Liu Tao corresponds to price control. . The combination of the abilities of the four individuals outlines the overall professionalism of the Taobao live broadcast ecosystem.

At the end of this promotional film, hundreds of professional vertical anchors, including Taobao celebrity anchor representative Sydney, star anchor representative Lin Yilun, and featured anchor representative Zuo Yan, all appeared, creating a scene where everyone gathered for a feast. A colorful picture in the live broadcast room. In addition to the spectacle and shock that the spectacular scene can give people an audio-visual experience, this arrangement seems to be a metaphor, that is, “kung fu” has penetrated into every detail and transaction of Taobao live broadcast.

Not long ago, at the live broadcast ceremony on April 28, Taobao Live announced that it would open an official product pool to all anchors, covering at least 100 million high-quality and diversified products from the Taobao Tmall platform. Xuan De, vice president of Alibaba and head of Taobao Live, said, “Leave the professional selection to us, and the anchor can focus on bringing the goods.”

In fact, as a key link in live streaming, product selection has always been a pain point for many small and medium-sized anchors. The anchors often configure a selection team and follow a rigorous selection process. In particular, the selection team of many top anchors is as large as hundreds of people, and the product selection rate has been reduced to the level of 5%. But for small and medium-sized anchors, it is very difficult to establish a professional appraisal, product selection and product supply chain team. Once a low-quality product is sold, it will not only harm the rights of consumers, but also lose the trust of fans. Taobao Live’s move is to solve the pain points of this industry.

In fact, in order to ensure the quality of the goods supplied, Taobao Live not only enhances the supply capacity of the anchors through “selecting products”, as a professional e-commerce platform, encouraging more professional brand merchants to conduct self-broadcasting is also a key point. The 618 data just released show that a large number of merchants have participated in the self-broadcasting of branded stores, and the transaction volume has increased by more than 100% compared with the same period last year. The number of live broadcast rooms of stores with transactions exceeding 10 million yuan is twice that of the same period last year, covering Xiaomi, Estee Lauder, Gree And other businesses in different industries.

Behind these supply-side combinations, Taobao Live is clearly expressing its judgment on the e-commerce live broadcast industry: traffic and celebrity effects may be able to help you get a ticket, but this ticket does not guarantee that you can sail to a distant purpose. Ground. Standing on a longer timeline, the new competition surrounding e-commerce live broadcasts is actually testing the ability of the entire system to coordinate operations.

Gu’s Taobao live broadcast live

02. “Kungfu Live Broadcasting” and Platform Ecological Competitiveness

To a certain extent, the current e-commerce live broadcast is similar to Kung Fu.

On the one hand, it needs to quickly capture changes in user interests and consumer needs, so that it can provide targeted products quickly, accurately and ruthlessly, and even make explosives efficiently; but on the other hand, it needs to quickly, accurately, and relentlessly make popular products; There is no room for error on each node of the link. Any small flaw will affect the consumer experience, which will negatively affect the satisfaction, loyalty and repurchase value mining.

This is also the reason why Taobao Live Broadcast, as a more comprehensive player, currently focuses on the overall competitiveness of the ecology through “Kung Fu Live Broadcast”.

Martian Electric Live Room

In terms of traffic, Taobao has stable and high-quality public domain traffic. Alibaba’s 2021 fiscal year financial report data showed that its global annual active consumers exceeded 1 billion, and the number of monthly active users exceeded 900 million. More importantly, this part of the traffic naturally has a strong willingness to purchase transactions, and it is easier to form consumption conversion.

E-commerce live broadcast on the considerable public domain traffic not only makes it easier to obtain sales opportunities, but also lays the foundation for enterprises to accumulate private domain traffic through live broadcast. Target consumers are accurately circled through public domain placement, and private domain operations are used to improve the level of interaction and strengthen repurchase stickiness. Even if the merchants have different goals, they can still be able to achieve smooth conversion links upstream of Taobao.

In addition to traffic, the importance of commodity supply to e-commerce live broadcast is self-evident, and it can even become a life-and-death juncture that determines the success or failure of anchors and merchants. In addition to strengthening the awareness of quality control of merchants and anchors by formulating rules, Taobao’s large product library and high-quality supply chain management capabilities accumulated over the years have also become an important advantage of its e-commerce business, which can ensure the quality of the overall sales of goods in the ecology. And the supply chain is stable. In the latest video promotion, Taobao Live specifically mentioned that as many as 2 billion officially guaranteed good goods will participate in the 618 promotion.

In addition, traffic acquisition and live broadcast room presentation are only the tip of the iceberg of e-commerce live broadcasts. Service links such as operation, payment, warehousing, logistics, and even data asset management are the bulkier parts under the water. Whether it is the commodity transaction and delivery of to C or the long-term management of the back link of to B, these supporting links are crucial to the success or failure of the live broadcast. The so-called “Kung Fu is beyond the poem”, any e-commerce live broadcast success seems fierce, but they must all benefit from these “hard to see” nodes.

The more fierce the competitive environment, the more imbalanced the supply-demand relationship; the more imbalanced the supply-demand relationship, the more important the user’s full-process experience; and the user’s full-process experience is closely related to the comprehensive strength of the platform. After going round and round, Taobao Live is still the ecological player with excellent comprehensive strength. The competitive threshold is not low, and it also has the capital to be calm and graceful in the face of the spewing competitors.

03. E-commerce live broadcast, is it live broadcast or e-commerce?

In fact, people’s thinking about the future pattern of live streaming e-commerce often depends on the understanding of a basic question: “e-commerce + live broadcast”, is “live broadcast” important or “e-commerce” important?

Different answers lead to different logics.

Those who hold the former view tend to believe that live e-commerce is a business driven purely by traffic. It is believed that with the maturity of third-party payment and logistics systems, those platforms with traffic portals can easily graft traffic to e-commerce scenarios and successfully complete delivery;

Those who hold the latter view are more inclined to believe that the core of live e-commerce is still supply-oriented. It is believed that in addition to the use of short links to facilitate instant transactions, live broadcasting should also focus on other links such as product delivery and services, especially platform governance, consumer evaluation and other systems, which cannot be completed overnight.

In fact, whether the answer is the former or the latter, the consumer’s shopping experience is the core, which is the foundation for the long-term and healthy development of the industry. In recent years, reports of the proliferation of fake and shoddy products from live broadcast e-commerce have appeared from time to time. While consumers are enjoying new experiences brought about by new technologies, they are also suffering the price of chaos in the industry.

On March 15 this year, the State Administration of Market Supervision took the initiative to actively respond to social concerns and formulated the “Internet Transaction Supervision and Management Measures”. It is the official plan for the development direction of live e-commerce.

From the platform side, the Internet traffic market has crossed the era of traffic and entered the era of inventory. The model of traffic-driven growth is becoming increasingly unsustainable, and the effect of inventory operations is determined by the capabilities of the underlying e-commerce; in fact, the reason why users pursue Wei Ya With Li Jiaqi, it is not only because of the gag between them and the celebrities, but more importantly, they can still consume quality products at reasonable prices;

From the regulatory perspective, negative issues such as fake bird’s nests and fake mobile phones in e-commerce live broadcasts have frequently appeared recently, largely due to the short-sighted effect brought by heavy traffic. The data released by the State Administration of Market Supervision showed that as many as 72 online live marketing cases were investigated and dealt with during the six-month special rectification operation. It can be expected that the increasingly standardized industry environment will become more irreversible, and the transaction-driven e-commerce live broadcast will have stronger ecological self-discipline and pay more attention to the maintenance of full-process compliance and consumer relations.

From this perspective, Taobao Live’s main concept of “Kungfu Live” at this node is not only a simple business strategy, but also an industry innovation statement as a creator of live broadcast e-commerce outlets. Only by taking the lead in practicing the “internal strength” and continuing to cultivate in products and services can we enhance the consumer experience and stimulate them to place orders and repurchase, and then create more deterministic long-term value for brands and users.

This is not only the business strategy of Taobao Live Broadcast, but also the cornerstone of the long-term and healthy development of the e-commerce live broadcast industry.


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