600,000 Vsmart branded phones have been sold on the market

In an interview, VinSmart’s Deputy General Director, Mr. Tran Minh Trung, said that 600,000 Vsmart branded phones were sold in the market.
  600,000 Vsmart branded phones have been sold on the market

In addition, Mr. Trung added, Vsmart is now hiring world-famous designer Pininfarina to design the body of its high-end phone line, which is expected to be launched by the end of 2020.

When asked about the market share of 6% achieved, VinSmart Deputy General Director revealed: ‘6% is the number for November and December 2019, our market share has increased to over 7.5% with about 80,000 units sold (excluding nearly 100,000 B2B machines for Vinhomes). Since the beginning of the business, the total number of products we sold in the domestic market was 600,000 phones. ‘

Thus, if strictly shared by Deputy Director VinSmart, its total smartphone sales in the market will be 700,000. In addition, giving phones to Vinhome residents is also considered a marketing way, helping many users to know and access Vsmart phones, which can create a premise.

Answering the problem of not disclosing real sales, Mr. Trung shared: ‘By this time all the published market figures are from the third objective statistical unit. Vsmart hasn’t announced any figures yet. Vsmart’s sales verification is also very easy to verify via accounting and tax figures. Our most popular products by sales are Vsmart Live and Vsmart Star. ‘

Currently, not only phones, VinSmart has invaded into SmartTV market. It is known that in the near future, the company will also participate in many other fields such as manufacturing refrigerators, conditioners and electrical appliances.


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