600,000 deaths! New York's dazzling fireworks can't hide the death knell in Washington, California announces a restart

600,000 deaths! New York’s dazzling fireworks can’t hide the death knell in Washington, California announces a restart

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Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, the United States has long been the number one epidemic country. The cumulative number of confirmed new crown cases has exceeded 34.39 million, the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 619,000, and the number of new cases has exceeded 11,000 in a single day. Compared to when the epidemic was at its worst, more than 356,000 were added in a single day. Now the situation in the United States has improved greatly. This has caused the United States to start a carnival and announce “good news” one after another.

According to statistics, California has the largest number of deaths in the United States, followed by New York. On June 15th, local time, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that that day was California’s “restart day” and that a series of restrictions such as social distancing would be lifted from California immediately. If people have been vaccinated, they may not even be vaccinated. wear mask. After California announced the restart, New York State also “not to be outdone.” On the same day, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the remaining restrictions on epidemic prevention measures would be lifted. To celebrate the unblocking, dazzling fireworks lit up over New York. However, no beautiful fireworks can conceal the death knell in Washington. To commemorate the declaration of more than 600,000 deaths, the Washington National Cathedral ringed 600 times.

The current global epidemic situation is still very severe. There are more than 300,000 new cases in a single day. The epidemic situation in some developed countries is still beginning to improve, but some remote areas are being affected by the epidemic. What’s even less optimistic is that the WHO recently stated that the delta mutant strain in India is now spreading wildly, and more than 80 countries have been recruited. The Delta strain has an infection rate of 60% higher than the Alpha mutant virus previously discovered in the UK, and its infection symptoms are more serious. Many infected people need to be hospitalized. Some British experts pointed out that the infection symptoms of the Delta strain are very similar to those of a cold, making it even more difficult to prevent. At present, the Delta strain has become the dominant strain in the United Kingdom. Some American experts said that Delta is likely to become the main abortion strain in the United States in the future, and it will bring a new round of disaster to the United States in the fall.

The current global epidemic situation is not only severe, but the situation in the United States should not be neglected. Once it relaxes, when the weather turns cold again, it is likely to be more severely impacted. However, many Americans are not aware of the crisis behind them, but are rather complacent about their “results in the fight against the epidemic”, and some even “glorious” about the epidemic crisis in other countries. While reporting on their “success in fighting the epidemic,” the US media also “commented” on the fight against the epidemic in Asia. Some media even published an article on the topic “Why are Asia-Pacific countries changing from a model of anti-epidemic?” The failure was due to the lack of vaccines. Netizens in the international community have been talking about this, saying that the US media is “knowingly asking,” and some netizens pointed out that some Asia-Pacific countries and regions are facing a shortage of vaccines, mainly because the United States is hoarding a large amount of vaccines.

Previously, based on the principle of “America First”, the United States provided a large number of vaccines, regardless of the efforts of its allies, insisting on meeting its own needs before exporting, so that many US allies were unable to obtain American vaccines in time. Now Biden has pledged to provide 500 million doses of vaccine to the world. Some countries are full of expectations for this, but many countries have no hope for this. Because just recently, Trinidad and Tobago received a “great gift” from the United States-up to 80 bottles of the new crown vaccine, its “big deal” can be described as shocking the world.


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