6 ways to protect the health of the office girl
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6 ways to protect the health of the office girl

The office girls have the same characteristics often have to sit in one place for many hours and often work with computers. So to ensure your health and not affect the work of the office girls keep in mind the 6 sitting posture habits below to have good health and reduce obesity.

1. Sitting posture limbs where legs

Do not cross your feet or your feet while sitting. Because this interferes with blood flow, tightens veins, causes numbness in the legs and Restless Legs Syndrome.

The first thing you need to do is adjust the seats. Your feet should not be in a “hanging” position and the edge of the chair does not squeeze the area behind the knee. The correct posture is to place your foot on the floor or a special stand so that the foot is slightly above 90 degrees.

2. Sitting postures limit back pain

Seat depth must match your hip length. If you are sitting on a chair that is too big, place a pillow under your waist for partial support. This way, you will not slip down and this will limit the tension and pain in the back.

The chair should have a comfortable backrest with a natural curve so that your back does not bend into a question mark shape.

Don’t rush to change positions suddenly if you’re uncomfortable. Let your muscles relax and slowly return to the correct posture.

3. Posture limiting hand fatigue

When you work at a computer, your hands must work continuously. Overload and posture to henchmen can be painful, persistent as well as numbness in the morning.

The keyboard and mouse should be at elbow level. Wrist straight and not flipped to either side. Your hands must create a 90 degree angle to the table.

4. Sitting postures limit neck pain

To avoid neck and head pain, it is important to keep the computer screen in place. If the screen is too low, you tend to have to slide down onto the chair to see. This increases the pressure on the front of the disc, which can result in a herniated or protruding disc.

You need to sit in the correct position on the chair, close your eyes and relax. When you open your eyes, the center of the screen should be right before your eyes. If necessary, use a support to bring the monitor to eye level. This reduces the pressure on your neck and eyes.

5. Limitations of fatigue and eye pain

When working with a computer for too long, you may experience some visual problems such as blurred vision, dry eyes, red eyes. After that there is headache and irritability. You need:

Adjust the screen: Doctors think that the optimal position is the center of the screen at eye level and about 50cm from your face.

Adjust the screen light: If you have a computer by the window, move it or pull down the curtain. You need to adjust lighting, contrast and font size on the computer.

Use special eyeglasses: This helps to limit the effect of the spectrum from the computer screen. Your eyes will be less tired, eyesight is protected.

Do not forget the eye exercises: Every 20 minutes you look at your computer, you should look out a window or a distant spot for about 20 seconds.

6. Limit weight gain, obesity

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, are sedentary and like to eat sweets, cholesterol will build up inside your blood vessels, causing uncomfortable feelings: pain, tiredness in the legs and feet, swelling of the legs and blood pressure. high. Symptoms usually appear in the evening.

You should spend time exercising every day. Simple exercises of no more than 15 minutes with weights or yoga mats will help you improve the situation. Also, try to walk more and pay attention to a healthy diet.

To exercise after working hours, the office girls shop for yourself sports equipment at META.vn to practice at home!

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