6 Republican TNS and all Democrats voted to adjudicate President Trump

6 Republican TNS and all Democrats voted to adjudicate President Trump

6 Republican Senators (TNS) who joined the entire Democratic Party Committee voted to hold a second impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump.

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After more than 4 hours on February 9, the impeachment shops representing the House of Representatives and Mr. Trump’s defense attorneys raised their arguments about supporting and opposing the constitutionality of the trial. impeachment. In the end, 44 Republican TNS voted in favor of canceling the impeachment trial because it was against the law. But that is not enough to stop the impeachment process of the former president.

6 Republican TNS along with 50 Democratic TNS voted to proceed with the impeachment trial of Mr. Trump, which begins at 1pm on Wednesday (September 10, Eastern time of the US).

Republican TNS Susan Collins (state of Maine), Lisa Murkowski (state of Alaska), Mitt Romney (state of Utah), Ben Sasse (state of Nebraska), Bill Cassidy (state of Louisiana), and Pat Toomey (state of Pennsylvania) announced the session. The court is constitutional, disproving arguments from Trump’s team of lawyers. In addition to TNS Cassidy, the remaining 5 Republicans last month also voted in favor of holding a second impeachment trial against the 45th US President.

The leader of the impeachment management group representing the House of Representatives, Democrat Jamie Raskin (Maryland) has argued that stopping the impeachment trial just because Mr. Trump has left office would create an “exception. January, ”whereby future presidents can abuse their power without fear of conviction and be barred from undertaking further public office.

Mr. Raskin said: “Such conduct would be felony and a sin during the first year of presidency, as well as during the second and third year and most of the fourth year as president, [nhưng] The president can suddenly commit criminal acts during his final weeks in office without facing any constitutional liability. This will create a new label on a January exception to the US Constitution“.

In response, Mr. Bruce Castor, the former President Trump’s defense attorney, argued that the idea of ​​”a January amnesty is ridiculous“.

If my colleagues on the other side of the court really think that President Trump committed a criminal offense… after he leaves office, you can come and arrest him. Hence, there is no chance for the President of the United States to flee in January, at the end of his term without impunity. The Justice Department really knows what they have to do with the criminals”Added Mr. Castor.

Trump’s lawyer asserted that people who broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6 did not accuse the former president of plotting to incite them to do so.

Meanwhile, with a lack of Republican support, the second impeachment hearing of President Trump has little chance of success. The Senate needs to have 67 votes in support to be able to condemn Mr. Trump, which means that 17 Republicans need to join with the entire Democratic Senate.

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