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6 reasons iPod Touch is still worth buying in 2019

Apple wants to sell you the iPod Touch to you by a cheap device running iOS like this that will help bring its services, such as App Store and TV +, to more people.

How about you? Suppose you are considering buying a music player in 2019 and do not want songs to be interrupted by phone calls. With the price of iPod Touch, you can buy a cheap Android phone for that purpose already. So what exactly is the iPod Touch worth buying?

1. The iPod Touch is compact in size

By now, it seems that the hope of an iPhone SE 2 is too fragile, so if you want Apple's new hardware with a 5.8-inch screen, the 7th-generation iPod Touch is a good choice. Best.

The compact size of this device will allow you to easily pocket, pair well, and make sure your fingers feel more comfortable, not having to reach too far on the screen when in use. Obviously, iPod Touch is not a phone, but if you connect to Wi-Fi, you won't notice the difference, when you can install your favorite messaging applications (and The device also supports Group FaceTime, while 6th generation is not.

Unfortunately, even though the screen is small, the battery life is not impressive, and it lacks a mobile data connection. Apple says the iPod Touch can watch movies for 8 hours continuously, compared with 14 hours on iPhone XS. Anyway, that is more than enough for you to use on a long flight or on the road.

2. Improvements in security

Lack of mobile data connectivity means that iPod Touch will not disclose to the operator where you are standing by pinging the wave columns.

Whether you're holding a national secret, or simply don't want Apple, Google, and other tech giants to know so much about you, it's worth considering. If you are unlawful and are hiding, no one can track your location, and there are no phone numbers to hack.

In addition, there are many reasons why you should purchase a separate communication device with the main phone: you are going through high-risk areas, you … spy or any something related and often has very private conversations – that's the reason you need to iPod Touch. It sounds serious, because no one needs such a high level of security and privacy, but if you fall into one of those situations, iPod Touch is an option.

3. Control the house

Our smartphones can do anything, but it may not be a good idea to use your main communication device as a music player, remote control, hub hub for smart home, alarm clock. informal, or general news center.

The iPod Touch only connects to the web via Wi-Fi, so you can leave it at home, in the living room, to use as an all-in-one remote control – you can control the lighting system. Smart, shoot music to HomePod, control Apple TV, play music from the Sonos playlist, and more.

Doing so will make your main phone easier to breathe, not to carry dozens or hundreds of functions. And maybe you will also surf the social network less because it is not always necessary to unplug your phone from your pocket. A shared device can also help the whole family share and access smart home equipment.

ipod touch

4. Play the game

Apple specifically mentioned gaming in the iPod Touch launch, and could clearly see why: it was an extremely compact mobile gaming machine. The A10 Fusion chip that Apple equipped for the device can handle the current games well, and also gives the iPod Touch the power needed for the AR experience.

With a wide range of accessories already available for the previous generation iPod and iPhone, you can easily upgrade the gaming experience with a joystick, so you don't have to worry about your fingers covering the screen slightly. small of the machine while playing.

Apple Arcade is also coming soon, giving users more gaming options – it will be available as a separate tab in the App Store instead of a standalone application, and only need to pay a shipping fee. months (which Apple has not yet announced specifically), you will be able to enjoy all of the arcade titles Apple offers. One of Apple Arcade's features is that every game can be played offline, very convenient for iPod Touch.

5. Watch movies

One of the few changes on the iPod Touch 7 generation is the new storage capacity option: 256GB. You won't have to worry that your iPhone or Android won't have enough space, and there's no need to rely on stream services, because the iPod Touch is now the perfect assistant for long trips to the neighborhood. The area where mobile charges become quite expensive.

With iTunes movies at HD 1080p resolution usually with 4-6GB in size, you have enough space to hold dozens of such movies on an iPod Touch. Because this device has access to iOS's App Store, you can download music and movies from Spotify, Netflix, or any other music and movie app.

And yet, the iPod Touch also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is completely lost on the latest iPhone models. You can rest assured using a classic wired headphone without having to care about adapters.

6. An inexpensive alternative to the iPhone for your kids

iPod Touch is often seen as a technology item for children, and it is still one of the biggest reasons to choose to buy it. If your kids are too young to be allowed to use the phone, but want to use learning or entertainment applications, shop for them iPod Touch.

Apple has an application that has been available since iOS 12, Screen Time, which allows you to control what kids can and can't do on their new iPod Touch, and the maximum time they can be used. You will receive weekly reports on what the kids have used, and can limit age-based content like high-end iOS devices.

Finally, we mentioned above that the iPod Touch can be used offline (like playing an Apple Arcade game, or listening to music / watching downloaded movies, which means that if you don't want to, you don't need to connect. What to connect iPod Touch to Wi-Fi network. Isn't that another protection class for your kids?



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