6 new points hard to resist on Nissan Teana

6 new points hard to resist on Nissan Teana

Launched with advanced equipment, the Nissan Teana D-class sedan has put more pressure on rivals such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Nissan’s first sedan in the US has a 4-wheel all-wheel drive system

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Nissan Teana is most invested by Nissan in its midsize sedan segment to compete with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. And the truth is that Nissan has succeeded in overtaking these rivals and turning the Nissan Teana midsize car into a powerful sedan with all-wheel drive (AWD).

Nissan Teana 2018 is equipped with 4-wheel drive system full timeNissan Teana is equipped with a 4-wheel all-wheel drive system

Earlier, Ford and Subaru were also equipped with all-wheel drive on a midsize sedan. Nissan is the third company, but Nissan’s approach also has many differences thanks to the experience gained, bringing better effects of its model in the heart of the public.

Specifically, the full-time two-wheel drive system is applied on all versions of the Nissan Teana 2018 along with the standard 2.5L engine block. Particularly for the turbocharged 2.0L engine block, the compression ratio, this model becomes even more outstanding thanks to the combination with the front drive system.

With this system, Nissan Teana fully capable of providing greater traction, increasing the ability to control the car in all road conditions, reducing slippery, for the ability to drive sports. Nissan Teana completely becomes a different model, more attractive in the segment of current D-class sedans.

Diverse versions

Regarding Nissan Teana details, the model is offered by the manufacturer with many version options to make this model best suited to each user and purpose. Previously, Toyota Camry was very successful with two variants SE, XSE in the world market and this direction was also implemented by Nissan similar to Teana.

Japanese automaker Nissan has launched up to 5 different version options including S, SV, SR, SL and Platinum. These 5 versions have the price with the attached equipment a bit different, but they are not all inferior to rivals. For example, Nissan Teana SV is a popular version for many users, the SR version promises to be more sporty, suitable for young people.

Nissan Teana 2018 has 5 version options for customersNissan Teana has 5 version options for customers

With 5 new version options, Nissan has removed the standard 2.5 version and the old 3.5 SR from Nissan Teana, instead is the option that better suits the majority of user needs. In particular, the most advanced Nissan Teana 3.5L version makes a difference with many modern functions such as: intelligent cruise control system, Nissan Connect infotainment system with protection position. and support for standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps.

2018 Nissan Teana high-end version owns many modern equipmentNissan Teana high-end version owns many modern equipment

In the US market, all 5 versions of Nissan Teana still have the same 2 engine options. The first is a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine producing a maximum capacity of 179 horsepower. This engine block is used on versions including: 2.5 S, 2.5 SR, 2.5 SV and 2.5 SL. The second version of the engine is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine that produces 270 horsepower. This powerful engine block is used by Nissan on the most advanced version of this car – Nissan Teana 2018 3.5L.

ProPilot Assist semi-automatic driving feature

For new versions, Nissan’s midsize sedan, Teana, is equipped with advanced operating features that are not inferior to rivals. Including the safety feature ProPilot Assist. With this feature, the driver can relax more in long journeys thanks to the ability to semi-autonomous driving capable of taking control of the car in certain situations. The system uses the front camera, radar and many other sensors to monitor lane signs and then process them to move. Thanks to that, the driver will not feel tired and stressed when moving a lot.

Nissan Teana 2018 is equipped with semi-automatic driving featureNissan Teana is equipped with semi-automatic driving

In addition, Nissan Teana is also equipped with active safety technology package that has a variety of functions including lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and rear automatic braking. . This step of Nissan with Teana is a little different from Toyota and Honda when both rivals equipped on all versions of the car while Nissan left the two lowest versions.

However, the lack of ProPilot Assist is not what makes Nissan Teana lose everything in the eyes of the user. As announced by Nissan, they are ready to integrate this technology on lower-end versions if received positive reviews and the effectiveness of this system when used. It is therefore feasible to expect this system to be present on lower-end versions.

Standard version does not mean poor equipment

As usual, most car manufacturers in the world have cut a lot of equipment, features and created a large gap in parallel between the highest and the lowest-end car models. That is, the low-end users will have a lot of equipment cuts, but not as full as the high-end version, in return for a much lower price.

However, this is not exactly the case with Nissan Teana. This midsize sedan is Nissan cared for even the lowest version – Nissan Teana S. Although in theory, this is a standard version, but in fact, the Teana S also owns much more comfortable equipment than Premium version of other cars.

The S version of this model appears to be suitable for customers with midsize economic potential. Specifically, this S version is equipped with a touch screen with high sensitivity and definition of 8 inch size with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; a 7-inch main screen displays operating parameters; 4 USB charging ports split evenly for two rows, 8-way power driver’s seat.

Low versions of the Nissan Teana 2018 are also equipped with many modern technologiesLower versions of Nissan Teana are also equipped with many modern technologies

Nissan has made every effort to turn the Teana into a vehicle of choice

Review of Nissan Teana car shows that this model has made many important changes not only in exterior design, comfort but also in safety features. Most of the measurements of a car are very well done by Nissan on Teana, even in terms of aesthetics in the interior compartment. Teana has an intuitive layout of buttons to help users easily manipulate even while driving. The steering wheel is also more scientifically designed with the controls of the entertainment system and safe driving.

Interior space on the Nissan Teana 2018Interior space on Nissan Teana

Along with efforts to turn Teana into a modern model, Nissan also succeeded in giving Teana the ability to protect the occupants in the car superbly. The car moves smoothly with a lively driving feel thanks to the use of a multi-link independent suspension system with a redesigned Nissan suspension.

The well-equipped safety equipment also helps the car to receive a lot of attention from customers. Some equipment can be mentioned such as electronic brake force distribution system, emergency braking force assist system, electronic balance control system, active loss control system, strong Zone body structure. sure, cruise control cruise control system, dynamic balance control system, traction control system Traction Control System … Nissan Teana 2018 gives the driver a feeling of peace of mind driving and confidence when passing. through bends or passages than many competitors …

New engine

Nissan Teana is not a Nissan car company with a V6 engine block. Instead, the 2.0L turbocharged engine (optional) is available on the two premium versions SR and Platinum. According to Nissan Teana specifications for the engine published by the manufacturer, the turbocharger engine with variable compression ratio fitted on these versions produces a maximum capacity of 248 horsepower and torque. maximum 370 Nm.

Nissan Teana 2018 is equipped with a more powerful new engine manufacturerNissan Teana is equipped with a new, more powerful engine

The rest of the Teana models use a completely redesigned Nissan 2.5L engine block. This engine block is more than the previous 2.5L generation on old Nissan Teana cars with strong power for outstanding performance.

The above attractions make the Nissan Teana 2018 a tough D-class sedan. Currently, the price of Nissan Teana in the US market ranges from 24,000 USD (about 550 million VND).

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