There is a kind of "show off wealth" called Yi Yanqianxi, who accidentally exposed the balance of the bus card, and netizens cried after watching it

6 million internet celebrities provoked “public anger”, wearing Lolita dancing at the entrance of the museum, netizens: provocative?

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The Chinese nation is a nation with a long history. There are glories and pains in the history of the Chinese nation. As every Chinese citizen, one should keep in mind the blood and tears in Chinese history, and remember the history.

If you treat the heavy history with an entertaining mentality, you will push the lessons of the past into the abyss, and such people will eventually be abandoned by history. Only by studying history and establishing the correct outlook on life and values ​​can we go further and steadily on the road of life.

6 million internet celebrities provoke “public anger”

A female internet celebrity with more than 6 million fans, “Witty Dangmei” (Pan Tangying), posted a dance video on the Internet. But unlike the previous video, this time her dance video completely overturned.

The main reason was that she was wearing Lolita’s Japanese costume and was dancing in front of the Lushun History Museum. This is an extremely absurd behavior.

As we all know, the Lushun History Museum was the headquarters of the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. The Japanese army carried out a tragic four-day and three-night massacre here, killing 18,000 Chinese compatriots. This is a painful history.

Pan Tangying chose to dance in Japanese clothes in this place, which attracted netizens to denounce, and netizens said it was a kind of provocation.

Dancing in front of the History Museum, criticized by official media by name

Pan Tangying, who knew she was “in trouble,” immediately deleted the video and posted an apology, verbally just blaming the cause on her ignorance. However, her apology was not forgiven.

After all, her real degree is a graduate of Dalian University of Foreign Languages, and the school has brought students here. The significance of the Lushun Museum should be even more profound. Pan Tangying’s actions are even more stupid or bad under her identity.

After this incident, it was criticized by many officials by name. This behavior was to get the attention of a nation without regard for the scars and humiliation of a nation, and reminded the public that this phenomenon should arouse public attention.

Netizens also responded enthusiastically. Pan Tangying lost nearly 500,000 fans in a few days. After all, touching the bottom line of Chinese people will definitely be cool.

How important is the three views to be correct?

▲ Have a positive attitude towards life

A person who has not established the correct three views is destined to be passive and inactive in his daily life.

The correct three views often allow us to get rid of the negative emotions in daily life, strengthen our pursuit, and thus have a positive attitude towards life.

▼ Have a firm belief

A person with the correct three views must be a person with firm beliefs. Establishing the correct three views will help us find our goal in life and work hard for it, so as to make our life radiant.

Without faith, a person is nothing more than an empty shell, without soul and vitality.

How do parents properly cultivate the “three outlooks” of their children?

★ Lead children to learn history

History is a summary of the experience and lessons that have been formed over a long period of time. Only by remembering history and seeing the lessons learned can we establish correct cultural beliefs for children and cultivate correct values.

Cultural beliefs often affect children’s patriotism and so on, so learning history is the first homework to establish children’s three views.

★★ Read more and think more

The book contains a vast world, a large part of which is the spiritual world of others. Reading classic books is conducive to children’s comprehensive and multi-dimensional understanding of the world.

to sum up

On top of understanding, think more deeply. When a person is spiritually rich, his three views will also be established, and his spiritual world will also become rich.

How do you think the establishment of a correct three outlooks will have an impact on the individual’s life? How should parents pay attention to the correct cultivation of children’s three views? Welcome to comment at the end of the article and share with you.

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