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6 great ways to sell old high-priced smartphones

According to Arecent, Galaxy S10 reduced by 50% after 30 days of use, iPhone also suffered the same devaluation when peeling boxes. So how to sell old smartphones at high prices?

Don't forget to use the case for smartphones. It is possible to set the back Iphone Good XS Galaxy S10 expensive, but this accessory will help protect the back from scratching, especially with glass design. Not to mention, the process of using the phone is hard to avoid the impact or drop. The special case reduces the impact force on the edges, which are vulnerable to cracks and distortions. Image: Angela Lang.
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Buy toughened stickers to protect the screen. The front of the phone becomes an important factor for pricing products. As soon as you buy a new device, you should stick the toughened glass fiber type (do not use plastic sheets) to avoid scratching or cracking the screen. At the time of sale, simply removing the sticker will return the shiny look to the device. Image: PCMag.
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Remember to keep the box and accessories included. The general psychology of buyers is that they love to see that the phone is still in its original box, full of original accessories and warranty. Such machines will sell for a higher price. It also shows that the device is genuine, carefully maintained by the owner. Image: Óscar Gutiérrez.
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Clean the phone before selling. Equipment used for a long time looks very dirty and poor. Therefore, you should make shiny surfaces with specialized solutions and soft fabrics. Remember to clean the container and the components thoroughly. If conditions permit, users should ask the mechanic to remove the machine for a total cleaning. Selling prices of smartphones will therefore be significantly higher. Image: Derek Poore.
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Replacing cracked screens helps to increase product value. First, try the dedicated website and ask the member to price his phone, at the expected cost if the broken part is replaced. If the calculation is reasonable, users can completely increase the price of the machine by replacing the cracked screen, the scratched outer shell or the old connection port. Image: Getty.
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Remember to clear all settings and personal information. Before selling a smartphone, the owner should back up the data, while restoring the original settings and deleting the personal application. This both ensures privacy and helps the device run faster, returning the original interface like just buying a new device. Image: Cleverfiles.

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