6 default settings you should turn off in iPhone
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6 default settings you should turn off in iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you probably know that there are many hidden features, factory default settings, running in the device’s operating system. Some settings are really unnecessary and you can turn it off.

Here are the functions you can turn off without affecting the usability of the device.

1. Analyze iPhone

The iPhone Analytics feature sends your phone information to Apple, which causes a number of security issues. Apple collects this data to improve the service, but a lot of people think their information is much more important than the new improvements on the iPhone.

To turn off this feature, click Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Tắt Share iPhone Analytics.

Turn off iPhone analytics
Turn off iPhone analytics

2. Analyze iCloud

iCloud Analytics, like iPhone Analytics, is a feature that helps Apple improve its services. Siri is one of the functions that iCloud Analytics sends information to Apple. If you don’t want to share these things with Apple, this feature can also be easily disabled.

This feature is also turned off in the same page as iPhone Analytics. You just got in Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Tắt Share iCloud Analytics.

Turn off iCloud analysis
Turn off iCloud analysis

3. Special place

When you give your iPhone access to Significant Locations, your phone can provide you with location information that is important to you in the Maps and Photos app. When you go to the Significant Locations tab, you will see a list of places you’ve been, quite unexpected and a little uncomfortable, right? To create this list, iPhone to track and record every place you go, that is to use GPS.

This feature is a bit difficult to find because it is hidden under a lot of menu layers. Let and Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Tắt Significant Locations.

Turn off special location mode
Turn off special location mode

4. Collect new data

In the Password & Accounts section, there is a feature called Fetch New Data. Click here and you will see a few more options. If set to Push, the phone keeps checking to see if anything new has happened. This feature consumes quite a lot of battery. If this is a phone to work, Push is a good choice. Automatic data collection is also a good feature. You can choose to collect data over time or manually.

This feature is located Settings > Password & Accounts > Fetch New Data.

Collect new data
Collect new data

5. Unnecessary system services

In System Services you will find a lot of features using your location. Some apps are really useful like Find My iPhone and Emergency Calls & SOS.

However, the following features you should turn off because it really does not have too many everyday effects:

  • Compass Calibration
  • Homekit
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Location-Based Apple Ads
  • Location-Based Suggestions
  • Setting Time Zone

6. Tracking ads

According to Apple, this is a service that helps you get more ads that suit your interests. This feature will allow advertisers to track your behavior on various pages and display ads based on the information gathered. This feature cannot be completely disabled but may be limited. It should be noted that, even off does not reduce the number of ads, just limit the accuracy of ads directed to you only.

The ad restriction feature is not enabled by default. To turn it on, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Bật Limit Ad Tracking.

Turn on ad tracking limit
Turn on ad tracking limit


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