58 countries form coalitions to prevent the detention of foreigners

58 countries form coalitions to prevent the detention of foreigners

The Wall Street Journal reported that a coalition of nations (mostly located in the West) has formed to oppose the detention of foreign nationals because of diplomatic leverage, a move the group says is not intended to into any particular country.

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Canada is the leading country to form the alliance, in addition to the US, almost all members of the European Union, Australia and Japan. Canada’s coalition initiative was initiated last year by Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne, his predecessor. Marc Garneau.

Accordingly, the Union signed a non-binding statement opposing the actions, which coincide with that Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said that, “Seizing people from their families and using them as bargaining chips is illegal and immoral.”

He also added, through the establishment of this alliance “We believe we have a better chance of putting pressure on countries that practice arbitrary detention.”

According to Garneau, the statement did not target any countries, but a Canadian official said the alliance was formed amid concerns about the arrests of foreigners by China, Iran and Russia. and Korea.

Two Canadian citizens were detained in China in December 2018 for espionage allegations, but the Canadian government announced they were detained in retaliation for Meng’s arrest on China’s extradition request. States. Canada denounced the action they called “Hostage diplomacy” while China asserted that the two cases were not related.

Many Western diplomats also accuse China, Iran, Russia and North Korea of ​​holding foreign citizens as a bargaining chip to gain diplomatic leverage.

UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said at an online press conference hosted by Canada, the “To use arbitrary detention, especially as a threat, or as a means of influence over another nation, is cruel. That is wrong. “

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who earlier this month ordered the release of two Americans held in Russia during a phone call with their counterpart, also confirmed in a statement. Father: “The Secretary of State reiterated the President’s determination [Joe] Biden for the protection of American citizens and resolute action to protect American interests from actions of Russia that have harmed us or our allies. ”

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