55-year-old Wen Bixia accompanies the wine photo exposure? She has dark skin and old attitude, and she is complaining about wearing a hat in the box?

55-year-old Wen Bixia accompanies the wine photo exposure? She has dark skin and old attitude, and she is complaining about wearing a hat in the box?

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On June 18, some netizens posted a video of Wen Bixia appearing in the wine bureau. In the picture, she was wearing a yellow tube top dress. In the box, Wen Bixia also wore a straw hat, which caused many netizens to discuss it.

It is understood that Wen Bixia was invited by the brand party to accompany the boss to dinner on the day. The leaders next to him have been accepting this wine, but Wen Bixia seems to be not interested in wine, and her eyes are thinking about other things the whole time. It seems Wen Bixia The appearance of the wine bureau seems to be a little helpless, but it’s not a big deal for the money.

The wine on the table is not expensive. It sells more than 900 on a certain website. For Wen Bixia, the liquor does not seem to be very attractive, so Wen Bixia is not very interested, and there is no topic when she sits there all the time.

After the dinner, Wen Bixia took a photo with the people at the scene. She seemed to be in a much better mood. Now 55 years old, she is still very good with heavy makeup. Among people of the same age, the maintenance is relatively good, but many netizens complain about why Wen Bixia still wears a hat indoors. Is there sunshine in the open air in the room for fear of being tanned?

When she was young, Bixia Wen was the dream lover of a generation. She was nominated for the best female newcomer in the Academy Award when she filmed the first film “Beautiful Girl”. After that, she also collaborated with Andy Lau on a new film. The starting point can be said to be very high. After that, Wen Bixia did not develop smoothly. Later, she chose to shoot a pornographic film and opened up her popularity.

Although it made her popular at the time, she couldn’t stand the criticism later, Wen Bixia withdrew from the entertainment circle for a period of time. After her comeback, Wen Bixia became popular again with the corner of Su Daji in “The List of Gods” and was called the most beautiful Daji by the media. In the play The beautiful and pure image attracts countless fans.

Wen Bixia chose to marry the wealthy businessman He Zuguang when she was the most popular. After marriage, she gradually faded out of the entertainment circle and did not officially come back until the past two years. However, Wen Bixia hardly filmed, and participated in some commercial performances and catwalks, but she also made a lot of money and became the target of business competition.

Some time ago, Wen Bixia appeared in Sanya. Some netizens posted a video in which she appeared on the street in a pink dress. In the picture, Wen Bixia was bloated and dark-skinned. People who didn’t know thought she was a man, and some netizens even complained a little bit. The old demon with a black face is different from the refined picture, and many people have been deceived.

Wen Bixia also said before that she can’t go out without makeup. On social platforms, she often takes her own beautiful photos. She has a fair skin and no trace of fat on her body. She has a calm look and style. The same for ten thousand years.

Wen Bixia and her husband have been married for 20 years and have never given birth. Later, the two adopted a son. Currently, a family of three lives very happily. Best wishes to Wen Bixia, what do you think of Wen Bixia’s look that day? Welcome to keep an eye on the discussion.


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