51 deaths in pandemic CHSLD Herron wants to delay the public inquiry

51 deaths in pandemic CHSLD Herron wants to delay the public inquiry

The managers of the CHSLD Herron want to delay the public inquiry aimed at shedding light on the 51 deaths that occurred during the first wave in this accommodation center.

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This investigation chaired by the coroner Me Géhane Kamel must begin Monday and scrutinize the events of March 2020, but a judicial request comes to complicate things.

CHLSD Herron, its manager Samantha Chowieri and its managing director, Andrei Sabin Stanica, request the postponement of the hearings until it is known whether the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) will lay criminal charges in connection with the deaths reported during the pandemic .

In addition to asking for a postponement of the public inquiry, the plaintiffs also want to stay the subpoenas to testify.

If these requests are denied, the applicants demand the non-publication and non-broadcast of the public inquiry hearings.

Staff missing or in quarantine, fear among employees, shortage of equipment; all the conditions were met for a crisis to take place at CHSLD Herron, reported our Investigation Office in April 2020.

Several testimonies of elders kept in atrocious conditions multiplied over the weeks that followed.


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